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Yeah. This is the first case where Kase's behavior is clearly harmful and unjustified.

I haven't looked at it from this perspective. This is, indeed, a good point. Really curious how will they play off it - in many manga, it's just day like every day, but in real life, something like this could turn into a really major, potentially life-ruining issue.

Even if it doesn't, I don't see Kase getting out of this unscathed, since it's someone Yamada respects and who she explicitly told her not to worry about.

but Yamada discounting Kase's fears and jealousy and not taking her concerns seriously is just as big of a problem

Not really. Because, hypothetically speaking, it doesn't matter how much he would want to get with her, he can't take away someone who doesn't want to be taken away. I guess it makes sense in the teen relationship context, but they've been together for a good while now and Yamada has never shown any intention to stray. At some point, the lack of trust Kase has shown, in itself, starts to become poison to the relationship.

Yes, it is rooted in Yamada's inherent lack of self-esteem.

If anything, it's all rooted in Kase's self-esteem issues, if she thinks that all it would take for Yamada to drop her is a pretty face flower boy. This girl literary uprooted her whole life within a few months and moved across the country for her not even a year ago.

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Given what we see of Yamada I would assume she's not responding on Line because she's really busy. Probably has her phone silent or off.

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I've been wondering for quite some time now if the author puts half the amount of scrutiny we do into the characters' actions or if she simply sees Kase's behavior as cute and romantic.

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Not to mention that a few chapters ago, Kase was ready to go on a week-long training camp and she couldn't bring her phone with her, and she didn't even think about warning Yamada about it, both about the camp and that she would be out of reach for a week. Imagine that. And it only came up because Yamada overheard Fukami talking about packing, and all Kase said was "Sorry, I forgot to tell you, I'll buy you a souvenir".

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Just checking in to see if Kase-san is still a terrible girlfriend.
Yup, she is. Too bad.

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I hope this arc moves fairly quickly, honestly. I'm getting a little tired of how little character development Kase has had. I understand if the author wants to make her seems set in her ways but since this is update monthly it's pretty annoying to get the same arc happen again and again.

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Obsessing worrying that your lover is going to dump you is usually a self-fulfilling proficiency.

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I've been wondering for quite some time now if the author puts half the amount of scrutiny we do into the characters' actions or if she simply sees Kase's behavior as cute and romantic.

Honestly I think it's the latter. Kase's feelings have been showing more and more signs of becoming toxic, but the manga still has a light and airy tone. The series doesn't even have a Drama tag.

EDIT: MY guess is we will get to see Yamada's jealous side when Kase's roomate realizes that crush she has been developing on Kase and tries to make a move.

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Yes if I was getting constantly jealous, I too would worry my lover would dump me. Especially if it caused me to then hit somone without a real good reason.

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Although Kase went to the extreme, the scene made me very funny so I look forward to the next chapter

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You know I'm just glad to see a chapter from Kase's point of view
I think this is like the second only one?
I still think that people are giving Kase a bit of a hard time, like she's just a young girl in love and I imagine that the whole distance thing would make her unnecessarily anxious and jealous. This being her first love makes this even more understandable. Is it the most healthy way to act?
No, but I can understand it.

I would say that it's always a bit funny that both Kase and Yamada are hyper aware of each other but not of themselves.
Yamada isn't really aware of her own attractiveness and that people might be interested in her
and Kase isn't aware of the whole Kase cult that has formed around her.

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Uwa things been getting real in these threads haha, please continue your discussions.

Anyways, haha Fukami cute //// I thought she already figure out Kase was dating Yamada/a girl... but a guess not :0

I hope this miscommunication becomes the big one they have to resolve and learn from together... ahhh... first relationships are hard... plus factoring in Kase-san's previous attempt/s at love were people/person kinda playing at being in love with a girl... I want them to be able to work this out.... but..... low-key would be interested if they broke-up for real and dated other girls;;;;;;! sorry!!!!!

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"If you were a guy, I might wanna date you too"

Excuse you, Kase Tomoka? Care to explain yourself here?

I mean she is hiding the fact that she a lesbian (although she could be bisexual).

I thought she was exclusively Yamadasexual.

nah i think she is lesbian
didn't she have something with girls before?

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yo,kase is being so toxic
yamada is time to get another GF

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plus factoring in Kase-san's previous attempt/s at love were people/person kinda playing at being in love with a girl.

Kase has never dated anyone before Yamada. The rumors about her dating Inoue-senpai, or anyone else, were false.

It’s always been a basic premise of this story that Kase is even more insecure about being worthy of Yamada, who she adores and admires, than Yamada is about living up to Kase-san.

Readers may think that Yamada has reason to be insecure about Kase but Kase doesn’t about Yamada, but that has never been how this story works.

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nah i think she is lesbian
didn't she have something with girls before?

She didn't date anyone else but it has shown her reacting to other girls, like during her beach job.

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nah i think she is lesbian
didn't she have something with girls before?

She didn't date anyone else but it has shown her reacting to other girls, like during her beach job.

yeah we leave it at it
in yuri mangas is like the're all gay until is proven that they aren't or [her love interest]sexual

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I understand, they are young and it is their first love but bruh already the insecurities are very exploited, they touched on the subject many times and they never solved anything
I hope that the solution to this conflict is them actually talking instead of Yamada apologizing for making her feel insecure because if so then I prefer a thousand times that they break up and both get new girlfriends

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I will say though that I think this whole arc is a bit tired and I want them to finally work it out for reals
Also. someone please tell that roommate that the flower girl is the one bangin' the track star.

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it really does not help this series at all that its only a monthly. Talk to each other, damn you! And also talk to your damn roommates the secrecy is absolutely not helping.

Honestly even if she's a little dense and moping and theres the old blush-excused-by-fever trope, and also the lesbians-cant-read-the-most-obvious-signals thing and the whole Japanese cultural perspective on schoolgirl lesbians in mind-I'm honestly surprised that Kase didn't pick up on her roommate crushing on her, even a little? Like even with all that in mind, Kase was always the one in this relationship who seemed to have had actual experience understanding like, for lack of a better word, understanding herself as a lesbian, you know? That's to say, while Yamada was forced to reckon with her attraction to women very suddenly with Kase, Kase very much always seemed to be aware of her attraction, her sexual desires, and most importantly, her insecurities always seem to have been informed by her awareness of her own marginalization, her awareness that she is the subject of prejudice and social stigmatization, her awareness of the heartbreak she seems constantly prepared for. And I mean this is a pretty light hearted story and all but this shit is like, the cornerstone of her insecurities around Yamada who is incredible and why she has such difficulty opening up in the first place, right?

That was a long rant but the point is, with all this in mind, it's still surprising to me that roommate can do a super obvious "if i were a guy i'd date you" or whatever, and this doesn't ring ANY of her bells? This doesn't give her even a moment of pause? Maybe im just annoyed cuz theres so many easily avoidable misunderstandings and this one with the roommate's just gone soooooo long.

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Man, I kinda dislike the roommate. I dunno, her whole arc seems really unnecessary. When she was first introduced, I though I was gonna like her since she's got that kuudere vibe going. And I thought she and kase'd be good friends. Instead, she's just one of the many girls that have a cruah on kase- and I don't hate her for that- but she was also kinda a bitch to yamada which honestly, really came out of nowhere.

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as many have been discussing, holy hell does this manga love going over and over the same exact drama points, like wtf? how many times do we need to same issues come up and the characters learn nothing? how are they still unable to talk to each other properly? why is nothing solved or learnt? -_-

and this whole "roommate secretly in love" is just such an overdone drama bs, like how much drama does this manga freaking need?

these types of insecurities, doubt and issues made sense in the prequel and early parts of this manga, especially since it's both their first love and having to live apart... but at this point, this manga really needs to move past this stuff and actually freaking progress the relationship. The two are now adults, not highschool kids

also ya, some people are bringing up how the relationship is becoming toxic, especially from kase's side... and I have to agree. At some point, she just seems like she has no trust in Yamada at all despite being her partner

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On the one hand, I constant jealousy drama is kind of boring. On the other hand, when it is both lovers getting jealous in a rotation, it is somehow a lot more fun.

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‘What are you doing giving flowers to Yamada?’ Gee i dont know kase... maybe because Yamada is going to school for gardening? Dumbest misunderstanding yet.

I rather they do just break up at this point Kase is always jealous and it’s annoying not cute

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I don't get why everyone is mad that kase is jealous, yet again. It's predictable, yes, but on the mark for her character. It's not like people only get jealous once, recognize it, and then never jealous again. It's a pattern and yamada accidentally helps enables it by never saying anything about it to this point. At the end of the day, they're only 19 and if I remember anything about being 19 is that they're so damn dumb. SO DAMN DUMB

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