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Trully Cute.

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XD Hahahaha. That person! XD
Just like a Yuri fan to be content with whatever.

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Yotsuhara-sensei! Ah, I missed her work.
Fabulous and hilarious like always.

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XD Hahahaha. That person! XD
Just like a Yuri fan to be content with whatever.

There is so much truth in your post, now I feel sad. :-(

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A breath of fresh air amongst the dozen of rehashed stories, absolutely wonderful, loved every page of it!

I do hope that the term fujoshi won't be used to include yuri shippers, it's already associated with BL and it would be really distracting every time it came up. However, it would be amazing if yuri shipping became as popular as being a fujoshi and taken just as seriously. Not just something you grow out of but an interest you have.

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It occurs to me that far from "the yuri you can't get without sex", unless doujins are made of it this is in fact the yuri you can only get without sex.

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Is the locked up thingy a new trend? Mezashi also made something about it... Where does it originate from?

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The name of the story is actually "Yuri where you can't get out unless you have sex", which makes sense, considering the story. x)

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Is the locked up thingy a new trend?

It's called BDSM, And it's one of the most popular trends in the porn genre.

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Well, obscure internet video series reference ahoy as long as the bread doesn't take over one of the bedrooms everything should be fine.

This is cute. I'm glad the author is able to continue to make a living.

And yes, I definitely think of "fujoshi" as less "BL fanatic" and more as "otaku, but a girl", so the usage here didn't surprise me at all.

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Platonic Yuri is fine too.
Yes it is.

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Yes, close the shutter

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Haha! It was like Oldboy, but cuter. And not smutty...which I'm oddly okay with. Still, I wanna see a followup story cause, well, Happy Endings....

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This is golden.

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Oh okay. That's really cute. I like it.

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lol I liked the format like they were in a video game or something, it was pretty enjoyable

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Haha they totally got me falling for their love >~<
Btw who's that good pervert?? XD

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Kinda wish we got an explanation of what 2.5D anime means, but I guess if Japan uses "3D" for irl stuff, then 2.5D probably means anime made with CG animation.

2.5D = 2D + 3D CG

stuff like Kemono Friends or Frame Arms Girl

*someone please correct me, if I'm wrong

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Haha they totally got me falling for their love >~<
Btw who's that good pervert?? XD

let just say that good pervert is us, the reader ww

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