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The author hasn't drawn anything else since the project went into hiatus, so I'm not sure how "temporary" it really is.

A shame since the new developments could have had promise. I've come to like male friends characters in yuri stories that serve to promote the yuri; it's nice to have media that can promote the idea of man-woman friendship without needing romantic subtext tacked on, and men who support the lesbian relationship while showing that the lead isn't just "lacking a good man". Plus, Dai-chan could have been a way of humanizing Taneda and Hanoka by having the couple accentuate the positive sides of the characters while Dai-chan exposes the negative sides (we know next to nothing about Hanoka at this point).

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I came across with this last year. Yes, it was incomplete. However, chap. 6 can be the ending for me and the supporting cast will just affirm both sexual preferences in the long run. Somebody mentioned about an "ash tray". There so many things you can infer from it. Albeit, it can also suggest past relationship, still, it doesn't hold ground to the "Edible Flower", i.e, Ibuki Taneda, in Hanaoka-san perspective. Right from chap. 1, if I put altogether "growing edible flower"process, age gap, Hanaoka-san receiving a past confession from same-sex, train experience and author's emphasis to Ibuki's lack of confidence, naiveness, and insecurity against Hanaoka's self-directedness, maturity and physical beauty, you would see how character development subtly unfolds for 6 chapters and extra. Simply put, Hanaoka-san knew what she wants right from the start. Along with love, she grew the edible flower until it was ready to eat.

Edit: Hanaoko to Hanaoka...

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I like how Ibuki was mature enough to voice her concerns directly to Hanaoka. The miscommunication drama cliche has its time and place, but too many manga rely on it as their sole crutch for plot development.

It would be such a shame if ch 6 was the end. It felt like the story was just starting to blossom and had lots of room to grow. Ch 6 itself introduced quite a few plot lines waiting to be explored.

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I hope this starts up again in the future.

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Well, at least this wouldnt be the worst ending point, if this doesnt get revived. :) Ofc it sucks for the dude, but he never had a chance anyway. I mean she chose HIM, a male as an excuse for an overnight stay, so that their parents dont think she has sex/a boyfriend. Couldnt get more friendzoned than that.

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One of the most beautiful Manga's that I have read.

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love this so much

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really hope this starts up again someday. the story is so cute and so few mangas have characters that feel like real people that actually think and have anxiety over love in a ground honest way. there's so much more room to grow and i hope it does, fulling knowing that it probably never will

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Truly an edible flower. xD

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This artist isn't actually dead, her twitter account is still active - Kobeya seems to be mostly making Sailor Moon and Utena fanart nowadays, but this does mean that this series coming back isn't too unlikely. The last time she made art for this couple was on May 2017:

The problem box is digested. I also want to resume the creation of the flower shop lily. Thank you for the message.

This was Google-Translated but it should get the point across. It did seem that Kobeya, at least back in May 2017, wanted to continue this series. Maybe she ran into some serious writers' block?

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It's 2019 and I'm still waiting

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I want to see the rest of this. I hate finding dropped seem that deserve to be finished like this.

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Chapter7 please

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Is it just me or was there another Manga similar to this? Only the other one ended on a nice note.

Almost 2020 and no signs of continuing, their Twitter is also gone. Seems like the author is focusing on creating Utena fan-art now. I really want to see more of this!

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Well into 2020 and no signs of life ;-;

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I really liked how this series was going, such a shame new chapters aren't being regularly updated. :/

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I miss this :(

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