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I was just thinking about the anime and then a chapter came out

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I totally ship Ririka and Miharu now. <3

From this point on, it's a canon fact that Ririka is not just a yuri mangaka: she wants yuri in her real life too!

And Mayu, grr, why did she hafta get in the way? Pussyblocker!

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How horrible must a mother be to call her it...

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Kaosu has the galloping hots for Rukki.
And Rukki has this burning motherly love for Kaosu.

Someone should lend them some manga by Taiyaki, to help them learn how to turn such feelings into a passionate lesbian affair.

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Big props to the translator and typesetter for Kaosu's self-depricating rant on her career plan sheet.

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So mom just keeps acting as the villain now to give her inspiration for her manga... :D

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Hope we see more panels from Kaos' manga once she gets published.

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nice thank you for the translation

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And so Comic Girls was born.

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It's nice to see the scanlations get up to where the anime ended.

Personally, I liked the way the anime ordered the parts it adapted. The series ends with Kaos finally making something worth publishing and coming into her own as a manga artist. I don't know if they'll ever make a second season, but it's a good place to end the anime if they never make another season.

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