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drpepperfan Admin
joined Oct 12, 2010

OK, so this is a annoying one to upload, so I'll ask for the site's opinion on it, hopefully including MoguTL's opinion :o

This is a webcomic which updates every 3 days or so apparently, and most of the updates are one page long. How would the site prefer the pages were uploaded? There are 3 main ways afaik atm.

  1. As it is now, with each occasional update being a short one page chapter.
  2. It's done like the Eromame Squid chapters are, with one chapter being updated with a new page every time it updates
  3. It's done like Their Story, with chapters including several updates in one.

What do you think. Or is there a magic 4th option :o

Also the series seems rly cute and good so yay

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joined Feb 22, 2015

This is so damn cute. I'd prefer this to be updated regularly, with it being so short each new page would just be an excuse to read it again and there's nothing wrong with that.

joined May 15, 2015

So smol so cute

I'm loving it

joined Aug 16, 2014

It's cute, so why not?

Also, I'd go with no. 3, I guess.

joined Jun 24, 2015

Honestly, whatever is easiest is fine with me. It would be all right to have them together for easy downloading if I ever was struck by the urge (probably not), but I don't really notice any real difference otherwise.

joined Jul 22, 2014

Prefer 3

joined Jun 13, 2015

I agree with elec, whatever the site thinks is best, is best, since they're the ones putting in the work to upload it and whatnot. Deferring to authority never fails!

joined Jul 18, 2015

As long as it continues to be uploaded cuz hnnngggg it's so cutteeee >///<

joined May 22, 2014

Whatever makes life easier go with that option!

joined May 28, 2012

Fake loli is so underrated.

joined Oct 25, 2015

Any choice is fine as long as it's regular update because this is just soo cute hngg >w<
Me want to get Tsukushi Duty ♡

joined Feb 23, 2013

I'd prefer the first option.

joined Mar 13, 2014

I don't know if my heart can handle this, it's soooo cute x)

I'm ok with each update getting a new chapter, though it might be a pain for the uploaders...

Norainhere Uploader
joined Jun 27, 2014

Oh yeah, I remember seeing this on Danbooru. Glad it's here, now I can properly express my love for cuteness.

I do wonder whether or not there'll be a love triangle in the future though...

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joined Jul 13, 2014

I like how the manga is just as short as Tsukushi. Adorable
I think one update, one chapter would be a good idea.

joined Dec 8, 2013

Obviously I'd prefer ASAP uploads, but I'm perfectly fine with waiting for 3-4 updates at once. I think updating a single chapter might work, but would it show up in notifications?

joined May 23, 2015

Yeah, I understand that semi-daily updates can be problematic. To be honest, we're a bit troubled with how to handle releasing, as well. The way we're doing it now is a bit makeshift, but releasing as normal would end up flooding the blog with single-page updates.

joined Jan 8, 2014

Id say option 3 is best...but their story hasnt had an update in forever...(feels like it anyway)
What about once a month or something?

joined Mar 21, 2014

Perhaps upload once a week or so, when 3-4 pages have been translated.
Then release them as one "chapter" named "1-4", "5-8", "9-12" etc.
This way no long time waiting and the frontpage won't be cluttered with updates.

joined Aug 6, 2015

Yeah, I think uploading in groups of pages would be better than one at a time, even if it means we'd have to wait a little longer for each update.

I don't think I could handle a page at a time with this much cuteness. I'd need more in my life. I'd never be satisfied with just one page per update.

joined Aug 1, 2015

How... how is this so cute? Impossible...

joined Dec 14, 2014

Perhaps upload once a week or so, when 3-4 pages have been translated.
Then release them as one "chapter" named "1-4", "5-8", "9-12" etc.
This way no long time waiting and the frontpage won't be cluttered with updates.

Or a variant that works best for the uploaders.

joined Jan 30, 2013

How about the way it's done with Tomo-chan? Quick release with every page, then sometimes merge older ones into chapters for ease of reading.

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joined Feb 11, 2014

I want to be on Tsukishi duty. So cute. _

joined Mar 25, 2013

This is too adorable. I'm interested to see if she's just oblivious or is secretly making a harem xD

As for the update thing, I concur with the 3-4 pages updates. That way it would neither be too long or too short.

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