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Honestly the senpai may not be as bad as she looks, I mean at least she was able to say that she loves Kanako out loud so.......I really don't think she's like a villain because we weren't exactly given anything as to her thoughts or anything like that. When she said girls could be wolves, she could have meant that she's totally different when in private as to her usual calm self. The only thing I can say about her is she's probably a stalker since she's been seen hiding/standing in creepy places a few times.

I enjoyed reading it and I think it shouldn't be tagged cheating because Ayaka and Kanako weren't dating. It sucks for Ayaka, but hey senpai got there first so eh

I totally agree with you. Plus, the senpai gave her the oppertunity to leave. By not leaving, that's pretty much telling her she feels the same way. Ayaka and Kanako should have been honest to each other, but eh, senpai had the guts to say something.

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We need a new tag called NSFS ( Not Safe For School) :'(

HAHAHA, that's funny.

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I have a very strong opinion that Ayaka was the only decent person. Though, it would only result in a rant as this all makes me pretty upset. Love triangle and NTR? I was far too careless.

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Great manga but the end..hmm:| I felt bad forAyaka,it seems like she had crush on Kanako,after watching her and senpai,in my opinion Ayaka is the one that's left alone.In the other way,it seems like Kanako,at first had smth like crush on Ayaka too(?),but after dat "advice of becoming mature"from senpai she got into that NSFW so she fall in lone with Senpai.Senpai seemed like a stalker xD Pretty nice tho,but sad bout Ayaka:| :)

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I am scared, yet enjoying the dark aura around it.

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I need a sequel. Or a serialisation.

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Love this fave senpai #1

joined Oct 20, 2015 was the most depressing thing I've ever read :I

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is there a way to favorite this?

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is there a way to favorite this?

top right corner, next to your user name, that tab thing displays all your lists, one of which is "favorites"

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Updated with a final page and a afterword.

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Ohh, so that is why it suddenly lighted up in the RSS feed.

Hah, so I never really had a problem with the premise of this one other than senpai needlessly being a bit of a jerk about the whole thing, but now with that last page... welp. Live and learn.

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If I'm reading the last page right, with the sempai only going after her in order to take her from the other girl, that lessens the quality of the whole thing a lot for me. Now it's a much more ordinary plot with a clear villain, and to me at least that diminishes the whole story.

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Ahh. The return of this gem.

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I find it extremely sexy and pleasing to watch the sex scenes. But the fact that the two bosom buddies aren't doing it together bothers me :(

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Aaaangst, Love triangle and Netorare, basically what I hate the most, with Het.
Not reading this, even if the art looks stunning.

Sad, I kind of like the author though.

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I'm glad this can definitively declare a victory for the "this is NTR" camp. I hope we've all learned something here.

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This went from interesting to dull in the span on one extra page. Shame that.

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Let's go! Get the girl! :D

It's joke

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So gal pals has become bosom friends huh

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haven't this doujin been here before? I remember reading here once

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Is this a one-shot?

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haven't this doujin been here before? I remember reading here once

It's been here all along, there was just a last page and the author's note added.
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The childhood friend never wins :'(

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