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joined Aug 29, 2023

Damn, Tachibana is BOLD...

joined Jul 29, 2022

Ok I want to see these two new girls preparing for zombie attack in bed I mean making exercise what if they are holding by zombies and how to win again zombie also they can make these exercise naked as clothes are giving +1 for armor against zombie and one of them who is victim in this situation should be exhausted from wild sex and not to mention while they doing this victim should be pleasured all the time to be in weakened state trying to avoid being eaten (in exercise kissing, licki, biting or others thing they can do with they mouth )and this will be good exercise for them if these two will end in critical situation with zombie girl here
also they don't need to show this as image I just want to know that they do something like this

joined Dec 20, 2018

Looks like we're getting another couple here. ^_^

joined Jan 11, 2022

Interesting series! Thanks for the scanlation!

joined Aug 25, 2023

Anyone has a clue which zombie movie they were watching?

That bit about the bomb sounds like a clear hint.

joined Aug 16, 2014

I think Tachibana has a type

joined Mar 4, 2018

That "Rawr" was cute. Done snagged her a fish.

I am genuinely terrified of zombies, this manga makes that fear slightly easier to deal with

joined Dec 20, 2018

Someone has an interesting idea of what an amazing looking body is like... :D

joined May 1, 2022

Ok, that ghost story was the first genuinely scary one I've read in a manga LOL

joined Dec 20, 2018

Thoroughly chilling.

joined Dec 20, 2018

Ah, young love and the first pangs of jealousy... ^_^

joined May 26, 2020

Ah, young love and the first pangs of jealousy... ^_^

It was, as if something inside her had awakened!

joined Jan 1, 2022

They're in the way. Eat their brains!

joined May 3, 2014

Hinata's harem keeps increasing, holy fuck.

wait were is the harem tag? cuz i drop this shit faster that my super sonic pop when i’m about to explode on the toilet

joined Nov 7, 2022

Ema just dragging her introvert girlfriend with her... And giving the main couple their alone time. Top tier gyaru.

joined Dec 20, 2018

Actually recognizing her feelings without dragging it out for a few chapters, nice. Even getting her heart fixed should not be as much trouble as the ending wants to make it out to be, it's not like she'd just stop hanging out with her because of that.

joined Jul 6, 2020

So what are the odds that she's lying and the surgery was a success, but that she just really wants to keep kissing anyways

joined Mar 24, 2021

Ahhh this series is so cute. Really warms the soul… and heart

joined Jul 19, 2011

So what are the odds that she's lying and the surgery was a success, but that she just really wants to keep kissing anyways

Unfortunately pretty low. That would be a nice way to get some character development whenever that bomb gets dropped. However this is also the chapter where she forgot her phone and was incapable of finding a different phone for an entire week. That was clearly just to build up the cheap drama of there being no contact between them until that kiss.Imagine this chapter where instead of no contact at all Hinata received a few brief calls from Shion (using other people's phones) where she is told there are problems with the surgery, but not to worry and then nothing for the last day or two until Shion appears in front of her. That would be both more believable and would hit a lot harder.

joined Jul 13, 2015

This could really be our yuri vertion of Sankarea

joined Dec 20, 2018

Not how I hoped this would go, but this is OK for now as well. Small steps.

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