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Murder is okay if it's a lesbian doing it, hope this helps

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Yeah, now that's what I call quality fiction. A+ thank you for the food

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Great. That's my jam.

Thank you for translating this.

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i love good endings

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when they started making out with tongue right next to the heart-shaped pile of corpses i knew this was good fiction

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Woot! That’s problem-solving for ya

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Well, it worked out okay

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This is fucked up, but in a good way? I mean, it's horror, but it doesn't mess with your feels. It's just bad people doing bad things, and you kinda root for them, but without real investment, so when some of them get what's coming, you cheer for that, too. It's neat, is what I am saying.

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i think probably this should have the yandere tag?

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The fuck

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Is this meduka meguca?

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An oddly beautiful ending in the end.

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Perfectly Ultimate NTR.

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Perfectly Ultimate NTR.

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I didn't read the tags, oh boy.

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Now THIS is a oneshot. Good fucking job, who ever made this masterpiece

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Great shit.

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hmm, I do wonder because Phis (the fairy) ends up saying "this body is your type and you're in love with "me" anyway right?" after which Sa-Hwa responds with "I love you too Barra" which make me think that Sa-Hwa and Barra had mostly the same feelings towards one another and that Sa-Hwa's wish was something along the lines of wanting to be with Barra in much the same way Barra's wish was to be with Sa-Hwa.

However what I think happened was that Phis essentially promised to grant Sa-Hwa's wish by going "get the fuel for the wish and I'll posses and become Barra for you" while also going over to Barra and going "get the fuel for the wish and you can be with Sa-Hwa"

Going along with this interpretation this story is pretty tragic all in all, but then again I don't think either Sa-Hwa or Barra were really the type to care for the small details anyway and "Barra" and Sa-Hwa get to be together so you can't say they didn't get what they wanted.

Fun read.

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Can't really say this was good, just mediocre and meh.

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That was one giant eyeball.

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Madoka-esque is a new subgenre, I suppose.

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This will teach me to read the tags before reading the comic.

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Horrible, loveless and lovely, amoral, hopeless. I wouldn’t feed on that kind of darkness every day, but from time to time, let’s say I like it.

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Madoca Magika

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This was the most awesome read I've had in a bit, it was PERFECT. I loved their happy ending!!! I really did :D

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