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joined Apr 23, 2021

I usually reread most/every chapter of the mangas where I lost track of the story.
I dunno how often I read this chapter now, but I swear.
I'll do it again

joined Mar 21, 2019

Now that I've gotten to read some of the magazine chapters I can safely say I actually like them.

The web chapters still rub me the wrong way, just like I remember from before.

That both are mixed together for the tank release is such a baffling decision. The two feel so different from one another that it's jarring to read them side by side.

joined Feb 25, 2018

Bruh it feels like I'm caught in a time loop re-reading all these chapters

joined Sep 11, 2019

Hiyama still a dork

joined Sep 1, 2017

A round in a circle we will go
Not to fast
Not to slow.

Edit: at least this time around there seems to be a little bit more room for plot development.

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joined Dec 17, 2021

channeling inner anime mom Well, it looks they are all having fun.

joined Nov 12, 2020

Boy,he's being played like a damn fiddle!

The stepping stone to the actual love.

joined Jul 30, 2020

Bruh it feels like I'm caught in a time loop re-reading all these chapters

Maybe this should have the Time Travel tag.

joined Jul 28, 2019

Ok, so, maybe my hypothesis about Mizushima being into Hiyama might not be on the money. But there's definitely the "not paying attention to Kimura" aspect going on from him

joined May 6, 2017

I'm surprised by how much better the magazine serialisation seems to be over the original. And I actually quite liked the OG release too.

joined Apr 23, 2021

Now I just wanna give him a hug

joined Jul 23, 2017

Mizushima was a homie all along

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joined Dec 20, 2018

Turns out Hiyama is even more awkward than she already looked from Kimura's perspective...

joined Mar 9, 2013

Hiyama is doing her best.

joined Dec 13, 2018

poor bastard

joined May 12, 2020

My poor poor boy. At least he is popular so that is something

joined Dec 10, 2020

Now im starting to wonder how Hiyama fell in love with Himura...

joined Aug 21, 2020

They're all dummies lol

joined Nov 7, 2021

Alright if these bonus chapters are part of the serialization I've been won over. I shall patiently wait for the releases

joined Jul 21, 2020

I feel bad for the boy, he is so cute lol. Btw the serialization is so much better than those first short chapters, can't wait for more!

joined Aug 25, 2018

Evangelion’s ending is less confusing than this series lol

joined Dec 25, 2015

I feel bad for Mizuda.

joined Mar 28, 2022

Already finished the magazine one using Google lens and I'm gonna say the ending is great even tho hiyama is still a dork as always also kimura being passive aggressive LMAO

joined Mar 28, 2022

Also the webcomic one is great if you reach the chapter 18 you'll understand why

joined May 3, 2016

The rival tag can potentially go in every direction.

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