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What the fuck.

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Oh, she's sweet but a psycho
A little bit psycho
At night she's screamin'---

To be fair to Ava Max, she's tame compared to the psycho in this story.

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That's fucked up but it was a good read. Dark but interesting. Thumbs up

My feels exactly.

GendoIkari Uploader
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Now that's true love

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yo what the FUCKKKKKKK

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I don't understand shit lol help me

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Tag suggestions:
Check comments
Trigger warning
What the fuck am I reading
Gut Punch
Check your author

Instead of Drama, Violence feels more fitting considering protag straight up murdered someone. Seconding for better tags. I'm jaded and cynical, but not everyone likes these kind of surprises. Call me a special snowflake or whatever^, but I rather have the tags properly reflect what kind of story people are expecting to read at the expense of potential spoilers. Surely we have enough words available in the dictionary to tag this without ruining people's spoiler expectations. Drama is such a vague catch all tag that it tells absolutely nothing of value, because at most people expected typical schoolgirl angsts, not outright psychopath behavior.

^If you need to insult people to make a point, then your points are worth very little and therefore not worth reading anyway.

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I still think my suggestion of Dark is perfect, because it gives no details, but lets people know this won't be the "good end."

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b r u h

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With this author is all about the "They had us in the first half" meme.

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haha wow

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