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This was cuter than I expected, nice!

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Nice! can not wait to read the next chapter!!

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It's nice to see her branching out.

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I guess she's Blooming into you...
Very cute

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Alraune are the best

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Interesting that her leg was more tree-like in the flashback than it currently is. I wonder if parts of her become more or less tree-like during certain times of year or if her disease sometimes flairs up causing more parts to transform. Regardless this was cute and I happily await more.

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wait i like this

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If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that was Gavial.

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That last page was so cuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeee!! hahahaha

There's actually a disease like this, it doesn't give you branches of course but it's something similar to a three, I won't post pictures of course.

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this is my fetish.

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Shes like Harold from Fallout, but way cuter.

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wait this is really cute

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i wish i could be a tree

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When the chapter ended but you mistakenly kept clicking next. Nooooo!

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this is lovely

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I really enjoyed that

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Damn those flowers. How is the poor girl even supposed to be a kuudere now?

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OMFG!!! the wholesomeness is blooming!

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runrin posted:

this is my fetish.

I feel understood

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This was adorable. I love the green hair.

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She has no friends? What is she, un-poplar? Does she pine for companionship? Willow she take the chance for human comfort, or will her dreams turn to ash? Yew will find out in future installments! So spruce up your heart, and be the fir-st to discover the ways that love can put down its roots.

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