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joined Nov 22, 2019

Obviously mc is going to admit shes into yuri but only after ending up with the teacher while prince+delinquent and president+childhood friend become couples. Teacher is revealed to be a woman though and theres a happy end for everyone.

joined Aug 7, 2020

talk about building a harem lol

joined Jun 8, 2020

we need the harem tag roaght nau

joined Jan 18, 2016

i love this accidental harem

joined Jul 21, 2017

This was pretty hot chapter

joined Aug 4, 2018

i love this accidental harem

Ah but is it accidental, or is it fate trying to tell the mc something?

joined May 23, 2021

Yes. Grab the ass. so many yuri manga's forget this very important concept of making out.

joined Apr 6, 2020

Sorry but you are into yuri. Alternative title.

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