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Lol at Tom pushing both Haru x Sayaka and Sayaka x Yuu at the same time.

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Bless Tom, There can't ever be enough Sayaka love, plus the ending is right, she has TWO hands!

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Are they about to have a threesome

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Haru x Yuu Doppel-cest

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Are they about to have a threesome


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Are they about to have a threesome

it seems like they're cool with it. Sayaka clearly has a type

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Yuu slowly sneaking her way into the relationship lol.

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Yuu x Sayaka x Haru

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Oh, my...

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I saw the tag and thought, oh interesting, not cursed, but it still a little cursed lol. Fun read.

The immaculate
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Haha damn Sayaka look at you. Struggling with a certain gal, then getting your own and stealing hers.

joined Jun 25, 2019

And it had to go on Sayaka/Yuu road by the end of it. I found it even worse with the fact that Haru is here. I can't say it somuch time that Haru looking like Yuu physically has a mistake of a design. Her being like Yuu in terms of attitude was enough but the hairstyle is basically what differencing them to be clones at this point.

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Too cute. I like the ending. "If Touko's going to leave you alone and make you lonely, then we'll make up for it! Her loss!"

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I haven’t read the novel but looking at this doujin and the character drawing of Haru and Yuu, she seems to be a sweet girl and gives off a slightly different vibe than Yuu. I can easily envision Haru as an older sibling and Yuu to be the little sibling. Still their main trait may be the same but I see small nuances done by this Author, for me, make each of them appear different and unique. Overall, Really like this doujin

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Blessed threesome.

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Sayaka's Harem

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Why’d they do touko like that

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Loving the collective callout of Nakatani for having a type.

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Good shit

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Why’d they do touko like that

well thats kinda what happens when she leaves the group in the end of the manga. She has a healthy relationship with Yuu but since she's busy most of the time; Yuu hangs out with Sayaka and Haru.

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i feel like i'm the only one that doesn't like the fact that Haru looks like Yuu ._.

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Re-reading this and while there is no way TOM would see this I just want to say "I am really Happy that this book exist" hope they have the chance of still doing morre Saaya, YuuSaaya and HaruSaya for as long as they want to ^^

(although I went from happy to slightly heartbroken as it seems the removed the tons of YuuSaaya fanart they had in their pixiv ;-; that's what I get for loosing the habit of saving every single fanart that I like on the spot orz)

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Who's that Touko girl again?

Also, hurray for Sayaka finally getting all the love and attention she deserves!

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