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OrangePekoe Staff
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Many thanks to the scanlators for their work and permission to share this!

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Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!! It's here!!! My favorite novel is finally in manga form!

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Finally! I found gold! I want heroine x villainous always so perfect! Moaar

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Excited to read the next chapters!!!! :)

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Oh no it's really cute

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I saw this on MD first and quite literally danced in place. We finally got to see our horny MC and dear Claire interact for the first time!!
That declaration of war at the end is a whole proposal. I’m just really giddy to see everything drawn out jsjjdjdjdjdh

BLESS YOU SCANLATORS!! Your efforts are very much appreciated :)))

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Oh! Finally a manga for this novel! Yes!!

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Massive masochist alert.

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@Woffle So what is the original, a light novel? I assume it's not been translated?

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The light novel is completed and the beginning of the manga is different from what I remember to the light novel because it starts at the school gate I believe. Hopefully the storyline matches up.

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BLESS YOU! this is my favorite novel. And to see it in manga it's been so amazing. Thank you for your hard work!!

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@Woffle So what is the original, a light novel? I assume it's not been translated?

Original is a web novel, there is an author approved fan translate here:

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Ah, yes my favorite masochistic MC is here.
Can't wait for the LN to come along as well.

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Waaah! It’s here! I finished the first half of this novel a few weeks ago and it was a fun ride. It had its good balance of comedy moments and heartwarming ones too. Being able to see them be illustrated is really cool. To the readers who have not read the novel and are reading the manga, you’re in for a good time :> can’t wait for more!!!

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I'd been waiting for this because I like the premise, and it definitely delivered. Looking forward to more.

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P.s I like this a lot for a setting but there are so many questions that got skipped over that dont make sense.

What happened to the girl who's body she is in? Hopefully she wasn't just erased! Did she swap with her? That would suck for her lol. Dumped into a woman with a shit job in a world she knows nothing of.. Or is this one of those 'its all in her mind' things? And in the end she wakes up? Thats even worse because it would all be for nothing!

Her friend realizes she has changed a lot- but shouldnt it be clear she is a totally different person? She should have zero memories of Taylors past beyond some basic stuff the game said, and it would be obvious to anyone who knows her right? She also would have little common knowledge of this world - beyond what was in the game too.

She is meant to be the best student, but now some random office worker has replaced her- who presumably would lack all the lessons Taylor has learned at school- no way a royal fantasy academy has common lessons with modern Japan- so how is she gonna not fail at all her lessons?

Maybe some or all of them get answered soon? Not that it hugely matters even if it doesn't bother with the finer points, I can still love the setting and characters and story for what it is.

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Oh ok this is here now phew now I don’t have to use mangadex

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Wah!? I can't believe I never noticed this on NU. Time to read up to the latest chapters.

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Finally I have waited so long for this day to come. If excluded the yuri this still one of the best story out there.

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Oh damn the.moron beat me to it. Thanks for responding in my stead.

And I don’t want to spoil anything but some things do get cleared up and explained later on. The mc is actually incredibly sensible, despite her coming off as just incredibly thirsty at first glance.

I guess just enjoy the ride for now.

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Oh yay, you got permission! I'm definitely looking forward to this; the character designs and expressions are all on point here. I'm actually a bit surprised at how fast the scanlation came out, considering this first chapter was just released yesterday. Judging by how many comments there are on Mangadex already, I'd say a lot of other people were really looking forward to this too.

I do have to wonder though whether or not this is going to be a straight-up 1-to-1 adaptation of the original, or if there are going to be any changes. While I did really love the original web novel, there were some plot/pacing things I would've changed. But honestly, even if the story does turn out to be pretty much the same I'd still be satisfied.

All that said, considering it's the first chapter it's still way too early to tell.

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Terrible first chapter.

I'm kinda happy to see it here but I did just see the author complain on twitter about pirate sites so I feel a bit bad (well I am subscribed to her Pixiv Fanbox so I am less of a pirate)

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What is the last chapter of the LN? I might read it if the translations are finished too, but Its not clear- they go up to 173?

And why is their an end and epilogue at 112? Is that part one end?

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