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holy fuck why does the school nurse look like Negom’s creepy OC?? (who’s also a school nurse). Maybe this is the aesthetic of Japanese lesbian school nurses

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^ just breaking it has been confirmed by this one guy that negom’s OC is objectively creepy and all japanese lesbian school nurses also have that aesthetic

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the ring

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If she stops going commando, she won’t be bitten there!

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^^Well, its not a wedding ring. Its very thin and small- I wondered if these 2 had a relationship and it was from the girl but it doesn't seem so- so I guess the ring has no particular significance.

@ yuri n wine I wouldnt say I find that precure OC nurse creepy- her design, and this nurses too, are fine imo- but I DONT like the OC insert in general in those doujins- the show is full of girls to pair up already- and it seems like the mangaka is kinda obsessed with her.. which gives it a weird vibe for me.

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sensei is perfect

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the nurse is really frickin hot wtf lmao also i feel like the ring has some kind of significance, otherwise, why would the author draw it and bring attention to it? especially since this work is so short. or it could just be a style preference lol

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The biggest tease is this being just a one shot

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Got me in the first page not gonna lie

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Comedy gold. And cute. I look forward to more from this author.

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shialzsan posted:

sensei is perfect


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Cute indeed

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Hi, I would like to order seventeen buckets of this please.

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The over the top artstyle is just incredible.

Also, I really like this nurse... for some reason :)

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how could someone that skinny not see the inside of her thighs to do it herself lol. and even if she couldn't lmao she could FEEL it. they were fishing for reasons to put them in a position like that and they came up with chum.

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^ also there is a mirror lol? how about use it correctly?))
and why would you need a special care for a damn mosquito bite? is it poisonous?)))

so LOL and nice to read. I like the jokes and would hope for some development for these two <3

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They both wanted to go there. Ik it.

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holy fuck why does the school nurse look like Negom’s creepy OC?? (who’s also a school nurse). Maybe this is the aesthetic of Japanese lesbian school nurses

Why the author need to do a unique design to a one-shot?

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aaah puberty is really something

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Having a laugh while thinking about sex is a not unpleasant sensation, I need this kind of humor in my life

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What is the author's pixiv?

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Haha, cute mc and cool nurse. I’m pleasantly surprised by the expressions of the mc but it can be extremely excessive.
thanks YuriYaku for working on this.

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I was thinking she would be embarrassed to have the nurse see her panties because they were wet from getting turned on. I guess the author didn't go there though.

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Going to the infirmary because of a mosquito bite...

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