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I had to reread like almost every page more than 5 times and I still don't understand wtf's going on

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Hm...OK. xD

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The fact that her name is Mami..........

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Haru and Midori with steroids


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Had me in first half not gonna lie

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Well, at least it wasn't as weird as "World of Yuri" or "Angel's paraphilia", and the ending was "cute" instead of creepy.
Tsurara's imagination is fantastic.

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What the fuck lmao that twist got me laughing so hard

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I have no words for how confused I am

me too...i...ahhhh...

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This went from you poor twisted souls to You adorable idiots real quick
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That end was an unexpectedly cute twist coming from this author's usual dark stories.

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as a side note, I wonder how tf people can actually get off on nsfw manga. The cringey dialogue, fucked up anatomy, and over exaggerated orgasm scenes are too hilarious to take seriously

“I’m c-c-cumming!!!!!!”

cum explosion

I read the entire thing as over-the-top comedy.

EDIT: And at a quick glance I first read the title as, "Our Pants Are Beyond Our Control."

Which also works.

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Something is telling me Hina was already having sex with a 'pretty older woman' (her biological mother) before moving in with Mami...
Also, Kako-sama ga Miteru.

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Man, everything this person writes is just fucked up, huh?

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Well, that escalated quickly.

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Man, everything this person writes is just fucked up, huh?

And a lot of it isn't even translated yet...

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I enjoyed how the meaning of the title changed as the manga progressed. "We can't help being family, we just want this too much", to "We can't help how twisted our relationship is, we just need this to fill the void left behind", to "We can't help this ridiculous gimmick we've gotten ourselves into, and it's way too embarrassing to come clean about it now, fuck it, let's go for another round". Very funny. Honestly, the sex part was kinda meh, but I liked the weird drama/comedy it had going on.

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Ending was fun in the "this was all a dream! Your real adventure starts now!" kind of way. If this was an actual series and not a one shot I'd probably be mad ^^;

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Why does the ending reminds me of Kaguya-sama?

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In my half awake morning state I read the title as Our Pastas Are Beyond Our Control. Reading through it now, yep, I can't get ahold of all these spaghetti~

I also need to clean my glasses, and then eat food. I'm getting some JoJo whiplash/moment. "You thought it was ____, but it was ____!" It was fun though.

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Our Pastas Are Beyond Our Control

Until it gets wet

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See you in Hell.

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..Since I didn't like this so much, I'll go and read every other work by this author on the site.. I am sort of excited and nervous! In a bad way

EDIT: Ahh,I do know this author! The manga with the gay for pay covered in drugs sex-toys to get the other girl hooked up ,that one yes.

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Lol the ending tho

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