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Aw man. I suppose I can see the appeal in them both just dying, but I wanted to see how much deeper they could go. What would have happened if they actually had tried to go back? How would they even have begun to deal with that? How would things have shaken out with their classmates, and would anyone in their lives sympathize with them?

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New volume's cover (normal and special edition)

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oh damn, i started reading this since the release and now that i came back. the ending totally ruined me. however i enjoyed it. thanks for making me feel depressed for almost 2 hours, i wanna cry but i cant ;)

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it's been some time... but i've finally read the ending now and, yeah, i'm crying like shit
this is a very sick and depressing manga, but i can't help but identify with it
i am completely destroyed

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God it's been a while since I stayed up past midnight and cried after binge reading a good manga.

Honestly this may be my new favourite.

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Noooooooooooooooo, what's that ending? nooiioooooo

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Pain pain and more pain

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That was worth the mental breakdown. The ending was tragic af but at least it made me feel something

P/s: I hate that glasses bitxh with my whole hwart. Everybody got their own problems but she's just a bxhth

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Well, all told it was a hateful manga.

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They were simultaneously perfect for each other...and each other's demise.

Those last two pages are some of the most impactful manga pages I've ever seen. What an incredible, fucked up work of art.

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After a long time away, this is the first thing I finish reading. Damn was it depressing. At least my favs Yuu and Ichika are safe

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i felt like this was how it was gonna end back around chapter 7 lol i even commented something along the lines of "going out romeo and juliet style" and honestly i wasn't too far off XD on a more serious note, though i know this manga is very unrealistic and over-exaggerated and quite frankly discussing lol, it does speak some truth surrounding drama and youth. like when you are young and think "omg its the end of the world" over something stupid, but you don't have the broad-mindedness an adult would to properly process and deal with the situation. so you think the only logical way to end the pain is to die.. I've been there man :/ luckily I'm still here.. cant say the same for these two. defiantly an interesting and entertaining read

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Looking back on it, the whole thing felt a bit rushed towards the end I wonder what happened there and a few things were also left unsolved.

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There is an unofficial side story book the author released for comiket

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jesus christ

Oh well that was something.

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This manga is very good, in a way that's hard to describe without coming across as pretentious lol. The story, imo, succeeded in making us (or at least this is how I felt while reading) feel towards the story, how the main characters felt for each other.

There was a sense of beauty in the suffering of the main characters, there was a fascination with the one who become obsessed with watching and meddling in the lives of others, and there was a feeling of great distain for the one who hated and cast judgement upon everyone else.

A cute, beautiful, yet disgusting and deeply disturbing story. I can hardly bring myself to go back to look at the last few pages, but a morbid curiosity is almost pulling me to go back. Weirdly similar to how Ai must have felt about Hina.

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I hate the ending. I want to see what happens to glasses girl and Yuu

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"I Love Your Cruddy" seems to be what the author or editor chose, which can't be meant for any English-speaking audience. The title translates to something like "The Filthy You is the Cutest" or "You're the Cutest When You're Filthy".

That sounds about right

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Man I'm sad, been thinking about this all day

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if anyone's interested, I decided to start writing a Kitanai Kimi fanfic based on the premise "what if they never ran away from home?"

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I know the implication is they both died but damn can you imagine if one of them woke up?

Moreso Hina, since left ro herself Airi would probably either shut herself in or recover instead of going psycho.

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"Depressing as fuck" hahahaha

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I always had a feeling this wouldn't end well but I didn't expect them to die in one chapter. I thought Hina was gonna stop choking Ai and snap back to her senses and that Ai was alive, just fainted. And then those last two pages came and my heart dropped, I ugly cried and all.

I avoided finishing this because I wasn't brave enough to see it through. I couldn't see any other way of them recovering from that mess after running away, not with only the two of them who were both mentally unstable and needed help. They were gonna end up committing or thinking about suicide sooner or later.

Perhaps if Hina had said or done something else (like convincing Ai to stay alive idk), would the outcome be different?

But poor Hina. She did everything from finding a job, to even killing Ai herself bcs Ai couldn't. She deserves better.

holy shit i cried fr how am i supposed to sleep after reading this im gonna cry again

edit: its been a week i still cant forget this :(

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A second unofficial followup doujin manga will be released at comiket.

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