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Life of emoji is suffering

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No don't cry Ucchi. I bet they just secretly go out to buy some present for Uchhi.

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Aghrjgkfksh I really like the art and I really like the focus on Ucchi but reading this is pure suffering like can't we just have them both go on a date and it be cute agrjwklfogo

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Damn, I feel like this one is kinda sad, and frustrating,,, It's really different from all watamote doujin I've ever read. Even the original manga is not like this one,,,,
This stroy somehow like explaining the other side of ucchi

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"first part"
You damn right that is not how this is going to end.

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a sad ucchi? no, i can't take it

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Ahh, finally, an Ucchi doujin that isn't creepy or too over the top, it's perfect, I love it.

I'm also pretty sure the bathroom gossiping girls were Kibako's friends and were just shit talking behind her back, pretty sure it has happened in manga too, since Minami keeps going to their class bc no one really tolerates her besides Mako, I can see why Ucchi thought they were talking about her though. With how she keeps going to Tomoko's class and all.

I think the last page were previews for a sequel? I really hope it comes someday, this looks interesting and it was a fun read, finally Emoji isn't depicted as an incredibly creepy single minded sex starved lunatic, like hell, even in the manga Ucchi keeps trying to apologize to Tomoko, so we know she's trying to get better at least and it goes to show that she does care in the end. I hope more good quality doujins like this one keep going, it was nice.

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So I guess Ucchi's birthday is coming up.

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This is so sad. I didn't notice the tags, I was hoping things would get lighter. Like they're buying a present for Ucchi or preparing a surprise for her. That's probably what they're doing. Ucchi's self-doubts are hella relatable and it could work in canon too if Watamote decides to take a more serious route.

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Please continue this. I can't stand Ucchi suffering like this. Yeah, she's a little strange, but that's only because she has no idea how to convey her feelings to Tomoko. Hang in there Ucchi.

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I suggest adding in the "Yuri Crush" Tag.

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Ucchi x Tomoko tag?

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i love the art style so much

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okay this genuinely upset me for the day

if this gets more heartbreaking on chapter 2 i don't think ill be able to function for a week

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Ucchi's angst is exquisite. Can't wait for some sweet catharsis when Ucchi is able to express herself and get closer to Tomoko and her friends in part two.

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news on sequel?

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Wow this hit me in the feelings. I really hope Ucchi gets a happy ending in this doujin and the actual series.

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Aw, genuinely, seriously happy Ucchi is such a rare treat.

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Wuaaah I feel a liiiiiiiiittle bad for that Minami girl... While Kuroki gets to know more people, she loses all the people she once knew, totally deserved but still, she's almost alone at this point and they're about to graduate...YIKES

Now with that out of the way, this was amazing, like you can feel how inspired the mangaka was and how much she or he liked Ucchi hahaha. But it doesn't get a perfect score because....It's her birthday, of course... I know, originality comes from execution too but still x/ even an user up there guessed the plot twist long ago lol.

One thing I didn't understand was Yuri's reaction after the surprise celebration, was she shocked too or was it because she was too tired to keep up with the facade? anyway, all characters was depicted just like the original so that was awesome.

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Wuaaah I feel a liiiiiiiiittle bad for that Minami girl... While Kuroki gets to know more people, she loses all the people she once knew, totally deserved but still, she's almost alone at this point and they're about to graduate...YIKES

Gotta get in that classic Minami suffering at the end there

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YAY UPDATE and aw final part already?

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Oh thank God it finally updated. My heart couldn't take it last time I read it.

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Phew... Thank goodness there was a happy ending for Ucchi in the end. My heart melted on the 1st chapter.

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