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Oh great, a yuri manga I've never read before.

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Not bad. In particular, I think it did a good job of balancing the comedy and the drama; these sort of series too often turn jarringly serious when it comes time for the plot to move

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its niceeee i liked the turn around there

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Why no kiss at the end? Cruel, so cruel...

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Also the first time i've seen a slap like that in a yuri manga when the receiving part really deserved it.

She really did. Reika actually behaves quite selfishly throughout the manga, and for that and other reasons (such as the deliberately frustrating non-ending), for me Nijipuri was ultimately painfully unfulfilling. (I also hate that she cut her incredible hair, but that's a separate issue.)

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I was confused is tomoya a girl or boy? It used "he" in the story but was later seen dress in girl uniform and being called -chan.

Should be a guy and the dress was becuase thats how Mihane visualised their relationship after getting married.

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Haha. It was funny one story. Bul like I'm always saying NEED MOAR YURI !

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Did anyone find the naked part a bit strange and pointless? Now, I am not one to lightly dismiss any kind of nakedness, and if pointless and strange, so be it. But it was an odd interlude, that led to nothing at all. I left me a bit...'huh. What?' Perhaps I am expecting too much. Perhaps my imagined reaction to them snuggling to keep warm would lead to more than a sweat drop. Perhaps I am identifying too closely with it. Enjoyed it anyway, and I really wanted them to work out, and was happily surprised by the ending. Also, indeed NorthernDruid. A well deserved slap.

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Could've been done better, with also less fanservice (some unnecessary naked scenes, pointed out by sickandtiredtoday above^ and even that yuri fanservice moments like that at ch 6..)

Still a funny manga, liked the way drama was handled around the comedy, a bit refreshing.

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Good art but the ending was meh.

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Fantastic, but would've been more fantastic if Mihane x Aoi had happened. Or maybe it's my fault for shipping them. Either way, should've happened.

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I like coming back and rereading this one once in awhile. The first time I read it I was actually fairly unsatisfied with the ending, though subsequent rereads I've changed my mind on that. I would have liked to have seen it go a bit longer though. At least a short epilogue after they've graduated would have been nice.

I'd especially like to see what Mihane ended up doing for a career after graduating. Though I'd take a guess she probably would end up working with Reika. After all, even if she didn't succeed at her own actions her ideas did save Reika's ass as Reika realizes near the end and while she's a ditz she's obviously not stupid if she managed to get into the top school in the country.

Also something short to show how things turned out for other characters (especially Katagiri succeeding at her goal and Mihane's sister being weaned off Mihane) would have been nice. Chii-chan especially didn't have a conclusion which would be kinda needed.

Also the first time i've seen a slap like that in a yuri manga when the recieving part really deserved it.

Personally I think she deserved more to be on the end of one of those body slams Aoi ended up on the receiving end of several times, lol.

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The 'hunted' becomes the 'hunter'. That was a completely unexpected ending.
Makes sense if you think about it, though.. With her two choice problems. Maybe she's avoiding her real answer.. until it turns from being a choice, into a given, that they will be together.

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I totally understand Mihane's ultimate two-choice problem. I always get the worst of the 2 possible outcome when it comes to a 50/50 chance.

All in all, this series is alright. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still enjoyable to some extent. It didn't feel like much happened though. At least it has a happy yuri ending.

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Story ended too fast with too many loose ends and pretty uneven story line. Not the best by any means.

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Basically stumbled at the finish line. No resolution for Aoi's growing feelings, and Reika goes from not really thinking all that much of Mihane to "I love you, please be with me forever" in the span of basically one chapter, only to have things end in the most generic, lazy way possible with the main couple not even getting together.

Aoi x Mihane was far more compelling

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I wonder what happened to her little sister...

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I wish that Mihane x Aoi was the main focus to be honest...but it was a decent read, nonetheless.

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I enjoyed reading it :D

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hmmm, smells like a canceled series

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Thank you soo much Random Chapter feature! I'd been having so much trouble finding this one.

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Just found this for a reread. Everyone pretty much sum up the good and bad points above. For me personally, it was slightly below average from a technical standpoint but still quite enjoyable. And that's from someone who doesn't always enjoy comedy as much.

Also, maybe it's because I wasn't too focused during the reading, but I thought Mihane was on a path to becoming dorm mother after graduating. Though I can also see helping Reika with the family business, even if just to bounce ideas off of. Doing both..I can see that from the newly independent Mihane.

joined Aug 22, 2016, I just binge-read this.
While the whole story and its last chapters had me squeal and d'aww a bunch of times, the ending really felt like the author had been cut off and tried to squeeze in a semi-satisfactory ending.
There certainly was a lot more potential for a further progressing story and even the MCs' romance developing, even having them in a relationship (e.g.: the little sister proclaiming to be there next year gave me the sense, the author had more ideas for that).
It was a nice read thou, and the art was also nice to look at. Was hoping, there'd be more of this artist by now, but seems that's a no...

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3/10, don't waste your time reading this.

Shallow AF character developments. It's like the manga doesn't admit that these characters are gay, and that's really annoying. Like it does eventually, but the whole time you're thinking these chicks might be straight, and that's stupid. They provide no good reason for the two main characters to be in love with each other.

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It's ok. I can really feel the 2000s vibe

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