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This manga has amazingly cute art and some intriguing bits of the story, but overall it's an implausible picture of a relationship and a bit dull. The author sure knows how to draw manga. I just don't know if she knows how to write manga.

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Wow I have been following this manga since 2010...only to find out today that it has been abandoned. Sigh

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Wow I have been following this manga since 2010...only to find out today that it has been abandoned. Sigh

It has? By the author or scanlators?

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wait they abandoned it? its such a good series..

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no one going to pick up one of the longest yuri manga ever?

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Abandoned!? Why?

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This is one of my favourites. So sad.

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The author of this should be shot for his crime against yuri manga!!!

That's a bit extreme, don't ya think?

Lol, I thought it was funny.

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wait they abandoned it? its such a good series..

I hope so, no... the tag was ONGOING so maybe there is some circumstances why the author does not able to continue it... It also happened to me when I write long stories... (sighed) that is why sometimes it is good to write less but the all details are already there...

Yuri Project
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The manga itself was finished a year and a half ago, complete at 8 volumes and 61 chapters.

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Then it means the scanlator doesnt work on it anymore..

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I like the story and I don't understand the complains since it's slice_of_life. Yeah, it is slow and somewhere probably even annoying, but interesting and enjoyable nevertheless. However I hate all the characters so much, except maybe Morishita, cuz they all are so selfish and inconsiderable. For me this series is about one-sided relationship between Morishita and the world. I feel really bad for her. And since we won't get the continuation, I'm at least happy to know that her love will become required. I'd like to read it till the end though.

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Reread this. And this manga should have ended in chapter 4... It would have been such a excellent series then...

Just like Morishita said, the remaining chapters have "I have to write manga" all over it. The author completely lost his/her charm that made the manga so great during first few chapters

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The sudden releases are freaking me out, how am I supposed to read this? It's been like a year since I've read the last chapters + I read it without hope of ever seeing the end of it, I remember nothing
Do I restart? Do I reread the last 4-5 chapters and hopefully get a feel of what was going on? @_@

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Finally updates, thought they cancel this manga :)

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it's been 84 years

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it's been 84 years

Chapter 41 released Aug 31 '13
Chapter 42 released Aug 9 '16


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there're about 20 chapters more... let's hope for it to be "completed" here someday

thanks yuri project!

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How many years had it been since the last time I read this? I'm so glad it's back I'm in tears :")
Thank you so much Yuri Project!

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Ha, I actually cleaned and typeset a couple of chapters of this back in the day! So glad someone has picked it back up!

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People have mentioned that at some point the series lost its charm, but I feel like, more than that, it started to get fucking weird. At some point there started to be a lot of lines and scenes that just didn't match the tone at all, like the series' ability to juggle drama and humor properly was just completely lost, and it turned into this weird mesh of the two that almost deserves being given the 'what the fuck am I reading' tag.
I feel like the best way for the series to go would've been to actually take the "Do you love me?" "Yeah" line somewhere instead of playing with it for a few chapters before completely throwing all that momentum out the window.
I mean, I'm still reading it, and I'll probably continue, but god, I'm confused.

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h3x posted:

it's been 84 years

Chapter 41 released Aug 31 '13
Chapter 42 released Aug 9 '16


hyperbole and humor are friends with benefits.

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no fuckin way, oh my fuckin god yeeeeeeeeeeeeees

edit: I danced a bit so fuckin happpy

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