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Mira somehow manages to keep porn "fresh" feeling.

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Because flat-chests in anime are usually compared to a washboard, I legit thought this would be about a surfer and someone getting a tan having beach sex. This was good, too, tho.

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I think it would have been more fitting if they didn't change back

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Nice, just as i expected

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that... almost counts as selfcest, right?

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Yes, I'm disappointed no actual surfboards were involved in this. The big-breasted one would gently step on it, throwing her into the wet waves of passion ...

Also, I want a variation of the theme were only the breasts switches bodies.

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I love Mira's works, she's a goddess herself

Marion Diabolito
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I expected this to be Swap <=> Swap only the girls have to @$# instead of just kiss (for the usefulness, of course).

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that... almost counts as selfcest, right?

I was thinking the same xDDDD

And this was too cute *_* aich, and I love this part so so much x'D huehuehue

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^ Those censored males

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that... almost counts as selfcest, right?

Double selfcest even.

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^ Those censored males

No men allowed.

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This was strange but kinda adorable, at the same time.

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I love everything about Mira's work (≧∇≦)

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I love Mira's works, she's a goddess herself

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"I'd just look like a grade-schooler at a piano recital if I wore this"
"Boys are gross. I'll just imagine a mosaic over them"
Never have I related so hard to a oneshot character in my entire life thanks Mira-sensei

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nice title btw

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When there's a new Mira upload ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):


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well if someone was going to do a yuri porn parody of the basic idea behind your name, of course it was gonna be mira

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I'd expect nothing less from Mira. This was weird but so good.

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I laugh at the title.

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Oh a rare sight to see Mira draw a small chestie! The concept was great too

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Based Mira.

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Mira is like a fine wine...she gets better with time!

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Everything went fine. They both gained a greater appreciation for each other - and themselves, as well. To Mira's prolific but hit-and-miss body of work, this is a solid addition.

Thank you for your efforts, Yuri-ism.

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