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Nezchan posted:

It is 100% impossible to do a story that takes place at a game company without ripping off New Game. Truth.

Not that it was bad even if it had been a rip off. Its only real issue was that it was a bit on the short side, though it did conclude things reasonably well.

As someone else already posted this is only part of the chapter and they listed a link for the full thing. Sounds like the translator was only given these 4 pages and not told there was a full chapter worth of material.

Aren't they talking about Now Loading?

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Alice Cheshire Moderator
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Faust posted:

Aren't they talking about Now Loading?

Yeah, that's what I meant. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

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Mikanuji's artstyle kinda reminds me of Kindred Spirits.

Definitely not surprising. Is clearly a fan.

Oh yeah... I forgot she made a doujin of worst pairing.

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Aren't they talking about Now Loading?

Yeah, that's what I meant. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Well, it was with Nez's post, since it was a direct reply/follow up. They probs missed it :T

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Love the bartender's design. Dat asymetrical undercut.

TenshiKyoko posted:

How could this possibly continue?

Aliens attack the city

Turns out bartender is secretly the most skilled pilot in the world and is the only human trained in the use of a proof-of-concept advanced military fighter aircraft fitted with experimental weaponry, and Earth's only hope.

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Nice to see the rest of this chapter. Anyone know how many are out so far?

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ohoho niiiice

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This is LIT.

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Ah, coworker-chan. What'cha gonna do if you get promoted?! Insufficient foresight by the parents shown here, clearly.

Didn't expect that domestic violence angle, I have to say.

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Dang that art style is cool

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Wtf, repost?

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For anybody confused at seeing this twice, the first release only had the first four pages.

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not a repost, there's more to it than the one before.

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Continiation! Woo-Hoo! ^_^
The story looks promising...
Thanks for scantalating

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Glad they upload the whole chapter T.T
the art is really cool and the story is cute ~~

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Can't wait to see where this goes. XD

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I find it hard to believe a working adult get beaten up by their parents to that degree still living together. Something is wrong.

And the mc, she keeps dating married men, and getting dumped again and again. Judging by her cover, she has a shitty book.

All in all, i see aaaaangst brewing and it's already smells.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I too want to hug cute waittress girl and give her a place to stay

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This is fucking incredible.

Queen Kazama
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I'm I the only one who thinks Minami is hot as heck for some reason!? XD

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"Can you enjoy baseball without a bat?" :dying:

I was just about to post exactly that comment, and you beat me by two minutes haha.

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Wow, loving the art. The co-worker girl is cute too, would love to see a story about her.

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I was expecting it to go a bit slower but this is fine

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I can only say:


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She said she wouldn't go out with her... so I bet she just vomited on her clothers so she had to undress her and just left her naked as she was.

Just as I predicted, well it was pretty obvious.

Edit: I shouldn't comment before reading the whole thing LMAO. Nice, I like series without bait.

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