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That was really cute

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This is really cute and amazing :D

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I don't know why but that kept my heart pounding like crazy @@ more Unya! Moreeeee!!!!

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Huh. Not as much of a crack pairing as it seems, although it's still strange to have two people so similar in personality as a couple.

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This was amazing, A+ material.

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Eirin x Keine manga! 10/10

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gensokyou rules no 1
Keine is Love
Keine is Life

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Wow - that was 115 pages of wonderful :)

Don't think I've seen these 2 paired before but it worked very well.

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115 pages, and I still feel I want it to be longer :3

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That was lovely. A real fun read.

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Finally more Eirin x Keine, I really want to see more of this two together. ;)

Maybe Keine should drink the elixier too, so she can be forever together with Eirin. ;)

And when Keine's Libido is in her Hakutaku form...well that'll be a DAMN interesting doujin between this two, someone agree? ;D (like a pervert xD)

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Good work, and I'm glad the author took the time to establish a basis for their relationship. To me that's an important foundation that some writers forget about.

Heck, I could stand a story twice as long, that really got even more in depth of what draws each of them to each other and the beginnings of their relationship after they've finally admitted everything to themselves and each other.

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Ahhh this was so amazing. I've always liked the Eirin x Keine couple since I'm a big fan of Mouku x Kaguya. It's a shame there aren't more fics about them as a couple, but this definitely makes up for the lack of them a little.

I loved how it showed the progression from aquaintances to eventual lovers. The way they did the pacing felt very natural and the slow progression of Mokou and Kaguya's relationship in the background was also a nice touch.

The only thing i'm a little disappointed about was we won't ever be able to see beast Keine pounce on Eirin to sate her libido :(

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hope there's a sequel to this, i love it so much.

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Started reading and was like "This is dope wish it was longer."

Looks to left of screen

115pgs... 0.o There is a God

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115p but they felt like 30 to me. Well written and beautifully drawn. I'll admit, I'm not a fan of Eirin x Keine, but the story was so damn charming, there's no place for complaints.

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dammit... woulda liked to see em clinging to each other in the nude part drawn.

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pg 21 "the power defend myself" (to defend)
pg 29 "I am a person will not die" (that will not die)

drpepperfan Admin
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pg 21 "the power defend myself" (to defend)
pg 29 "I am a person will not die" (that will not die)

? Those aren't there.

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Well then, Eirin x Keine otp now. Unya's art is amazingly cute and the writing was great. Insta faved. I'm torn on Mokou x Mystia now too with how well x Kaguya went.

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And when Keine's Libido is in her Hakutaku form...well that'll be a DAMN interesting doujin between this two, someone agree? ;D (like a pervert xD)

no I agree, or like her "before transformation" state? where she can barely stand because of all the trembling ^__^
nosebleed! hehehe

hey so page 113 : were those like revised or additional pages that didn't make it in the manga?

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"To be continued" dont tease me. I want to see keines libido sky rocket. I really hope there is another one though I liked this so much.

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I always liked Eirin and Keine, especially if Eirin is becoming "more human". I'm using my smartphone, so I couldn't see the pages's that many?! I'll read deeply and slowly, then, before I can comment further.

Update: That was amazing. The development is great. 115 pages of awesomeness, even for a rare pair. Kaguya/Mokou in the background is a nice touch. Keine's libido though (laughs). I thank the artist for making this, even in great quality, and for those who bring it here. Thank you so much.

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Never have i ever wanted a Touhou character to die so much before...(but in a good way!), I hope one day Eirin manages to make a cure for the Hourai Elixir so she rest in peace together with Keine when her time is up. Bonus points for making some extra for the other two. Lest they'd be stuck in the astrophysics paradox of eternity like in that other doujin. But eternal Eirin x Keine doesn't sound so bad either

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I really hope the scanlator gets ahold of the sequel somehow.

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