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A Story After Everything Went Well by Taizan5 Original Doujin released Nov 2 '21 Abandonment issues Fantasy Philosophical Robot
The Promise I Made to Eve by Itou Hachi released Jan 11 '21 Age gap Drama Lolicon Maid Robot Violence Yuri
What Color is the Sea? by Yuikawa Kazuno released Nov 9 '20
Introduction by Shiroshi released Oct 28 '20 Yuri
Suwako VS Space Suwako by Yakumi Sarai Touhou Project Doujin released Oct 9 '19 Alien Comedy Drama Fantasy Robot Space
BADLAND by Watagiri Saya Original Doujin released Sep 10 '19 Action Drama Robot Tragedy Yuri
The Immortals vs The Black Hole by Alison Touhou Project Doujin released Apr 11 '19 Full color Philosophical Violence
Moon Flight by Soushi Love Live! Doujin released Feb 1 '19 Maki x Nozomi Wishful thinking Yuri
I Am Custom Made by Nakatani Nio released Dec 15 '18 Yuri
Eve and Eve by Nagashiro Rouge released Mar 24 '18 Drama Marriage NSFW Philosophical Romance Space Yuri
I Want To Leave Behind a Miraculous Love by Nagashiro Rouge released Jan 12 '18 Language gap Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Science babies Yuri
La Bian - Beautiful Magic Story by Shiduki Michiru Original Doujin released Jun 7 '17 Fantasy Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Supernatural Yuri
Animal by Tamagokakegohan and early Original Doujin released Feb 5 '17 Animalization Bears Furry School girl Yuri
Yazawars: Galactic Crisis by Riai Love Live! Doujin released Dec 17 '16 Comedy Crossover Maki x Nico Parody Yuri
Cinderella by Canno released Jul 5 '16 Glasses Yuri
I'm My Big Sister's Little Sister by Morita Rui released Nov 17 '15 Robot Slice of life
To Do What I Can For Tomorrow’s You – A Girl From The Future by Fujimaru released Sep 12 '14 Comedy Drama Ecchi Food Romance Time travel Yuri
&Dropout by TOmoe released Oct 17 '12 Comedy Robot Yuri
Alien From Yuri by Manishi Mari released Jul 20 '12 Alien Comedy Romance School life Yuri
Picnic by Naruko Hanaharu released Dec 4 '10 Full color Tomboy Wholesome Yuri
Marisa Dies After One Month by Kuronekokan-Monpetit Touhou Project Doujin released Nov 7 '10 Drama Marisa x Reimu Tragedy
Linkage by Kurata Uso released Oct 6 '09 Age gap Robot Romance Yuri
Kireigoto ga Kirai by Cu-little2 Cowboy Bebop Doujin released May 26 '09 Age gap Bath Comedy Dark skin Ed x Faye Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW Tomboy Yuri
Kagami no Wakusei - The Pink Planet by Koume Keito released Jan 1 '09 Alien Lots of sex Monster girl NSFW Orgy Selfcest Space Yuri
Salyune by Hashimoto Ikumi and Sarashina Mizuho released Dec 31 '08 Adult life Yuri