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Marriage In Paradise by Yamada Gogogo released May 27 '17 404: Men Not Found Big breasts Childhood friends Foiled rape attempt Lots of sex Marriage NSFW Pregnant Romance School girl Science babies Yuri
Elf ~Magic of the Moon~ by Mira released Jan 26 '17 Big breasts Dark skin Fantasy Lactation Marriage Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Pregnant Romance Science babies Yuri
Wish For One by Oimo released Dec 24 '16 Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Pregnant Science babies Supernatural Yuri
Touhou Blue Book: Wakuraba Kotoha by Yohane Touhou Project Doujin released Dec 11 '16 Blushing Kanako x Suwako Marisa x Shanghai Pregnant Reimu x Sanae Science babies Yuri
The Magical Girl and the Cage of Lesbianism by Aikawa Ryou released Sep 6 '16 Fantasy Lots of sex NSFW Pregnant Rape Science babies Yuri
The Dryad's Brides by Mira released Jul 1 '16 BDSM Big breasts Lots of sex Monster girl NSFW Polyamory Pregnant Science babies Threesome Yuri
NicoMaki Had a Baby With iPS Cell Technology 2 by Ooshima Tomo Love Live! Doujin released Jun 15 '16 Adult life Comedy Maki x Nico Pregnant Science babies Sequel Yuri
The Heir of the Curse by Nagashiro Rouge released Apr 20 '16 Childhood friends Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Pregnant Science babies Supernatural Tomboy Yuri
Futanao x Reikan by Joy Ride PreCure Doujin released Apr 7 '13 Big breasts Futanari Lots of sex NSFW Nao x Reika Pregnant Rape
Pregnancy Announcement by Snow Gale Touhou Project Doujin released Mar 4 '13 Drama Pregnant Renko x Maribel Science babies Yuri
Kunoichi Hininden by Jam Ouji released Feb 16 '09 Action Anal BDSM Drama Futanari Lots of sex Masturbation NSFW Pregnant Romance What the fuck am I reading?