Tag › Animalization

The depiction of a human as an animal.

To be used whereby a human character is drawn literally as an animal. Not to be used for small animal qualities like ears or tails. Not to be paired with the `Animal ears` tag.

Edelgard Education Diary by Horie Arisu Fire Emblem Doujin released Oct 20 '20 4-koma Animal ears Animalization Byleth x Edelgard Chibi Comedy
Komeiji Hand by DYNAMO Touhou Project Doujin released Aug 24 '20 Animalization
Meow for the Moon by Memenome It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular! Doujin released Apr 11 '20 Animalization Comedy Tomoko x Ucchi
Hikawa Fluffy by Itomugi-kun BanG Dream! Doujin released Dec 19 '19 4-koma Animalization Comedy Hair Hina x Sayo Lots of ruffling Twins
Dog and Cat Sayo Hina part 2 by chichan54 BanG Dream! Doujin released Sep 17 '19 Aaaaaangst Animalization Depressing as fuck Full colour Hina x Sayo Tragedy Twins
Room "2" by Tsugumi Nana released Jun 24 '19 Animal ears Animalization Dark skin Drama Yuri
Welcome to the Zoo Bar by Mintarou released May 18 '19 Abuse Animal ears Animalization Bisexual Biting Yuri
In Exchange for Calling You By Name by Mimikichi It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular! Doujin released May 5 '19 Animalization Comedy
5 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love by Sumiya Zeniko released Jan 25 '19 Animalization Blushing Fantasy Tsundere Witch Yuri
The Day Nico-chan Turned Into a Cat by Yasaka Shuu Love Live! Doujin released Sep 29 '18 Animal ears Animalization Honoka x Nico Supernatural Yuri
Yuri Between A Werewolf and A High School Girl. by Kamaboko Tarou Original Doujin released Dec 21 '17 Animalization Blushing Glasses Monster girl School girl Yuri
LWA Collection by Mukiki Little Witch Academia Doujin released Jul 13 '17 Akko x Diana Animal ears Animalization Comedy Image set Kabedon Yuri
Frandog by Yakumi Sarai Touhou Project Doujin released Jun 5 '17 Animalization Comedy
Animal by Tamagokakegohan and early Original Doujin released Feb 5 '17 Animalization Bears Furry School girl Sci-fi Yuri
Sexy Kintaro by Amano Shuninta released Dec 31 '16 Age gap Animal ears Animalization Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Historical Parody Very large size gap What the fuck am I reading? Yuri
Their Story: 27/11/2016 Update by Tanjiu released Nov 27 '16 Animalization Comedy Full colour Read left to right Romance School life Slice of life Tomboy Yuri
Kotori's Birdcage by Hiyoko Nabe Love Live! Doujin released May 20 '16 Animalization Comedy Kotori x Umi Yuri
Furry Yuri Schoolgirls by Amano Shuninta released Apr 1 '16 Animalization Comedy Love triangle School girl Very large size gap Yuri
Everyday! Pet Q&A by Irua Touhou Project Doujin released Dec 17 '15 Animalization Comedy Nazrin x Shou Reimu x Yukari What the fuck am I reading?
Hey, Little Birdie by Soramame Piyo released Sep 21 '15 4-koma Animalization Comedy Romance Yuri
The Small One and the Big One by Megumiya Touhou Project Doujin released Jul 20 '14 Alice x Sakuya Animalization Comedy Moe up the butt
Chichai Meiling Douto Kozune by Morino Hon and Oinari Touhou Project Doujin released Jan 10 '14 Animalization Childification Comedy Moe up the butt
Like a Spoiled Child by Mitsunara Touhou Project Doujin released Dec 1 '13 Alice x Marisa Animalization Full colour
Umaibou! by Mukiki Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Sep 3 '12 Animalization Comedy No text
Bad Dog by Daigaga Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Feb 25 '12 Animalization Comedy Kyouko x Sayaka No text