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Not to be confused with Ramen, Ice cream, Onions, Ham, Bread, and Become Bread.

I Won't Lose to a Seagull! by Ise Ebi Boil Original Doujin released Nov 29 '23 Beach Lots of Animals Yuri
An Addicting Taste by Mr. FBA BanG Dream! Doujin released Nov 14 '23 Anon x Soyo BDSM Yuri
Chotto Ippai! ch65: The Same Feeling by Kayou released Nov 7 '23 Slice of life Subtext
Our Yuri Started With Me Getting Rejected in a Dream ch28: Lunch by Hijiki released Nov 2 '23 Blushing Childhood friends Idiot couple Romance School girl Wholesome Yuri
Scars That Never Fade, The Reason Behind Her Smile, Now I Am Hungry. by Tachi Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Doujin released Oct 18 '23 Disability Miorine x Suletta Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Chotto Ippai! ch64: The Truth Is... by Kayou released Sep 27 '23 Slice of life Subtext
Nijigasaki High's Nagashi Soumen Club by Koenjium Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Sep 22 '23 Comedy
Anemone is in Heat ch34: Valentine's by Sakuragi Ren released Sep 4 '23 Coming out Idiot couple Lots of hugging Romance School life Valentine's Wholesome Yuri
Chotto Ippai! ch63: A Travel Story by Kayou released Sep 3 '23 Slice of life Subtext
Chotto Ippai! ch61: The Overflowing... by Kayou released Sep 3 '23 Slice of life Subtext
Chotto Ippai! ch62: Confession by Kayou released Sep 3 '23 Slice of life Subtext
Touhou Chireikiden - Cheating Detective Satori ch28.5: Special Episode by Akimaki Yuu, Viridiflora, and ZUN Touhou Project Doujin released Aug 28 '23 Fantasy Mystery Official
Chotto Ippai! ch60: Things We Don't Know by Kayou released Aug 26 '23 Slice of life Subtext
A ChisaTaki Story That Might Have Happened by Mekimeki Oukoku Lycoris Recoil Doujin released Aug 20 '23 Chisato x Takina Couple life Wholesome Yuri
Chotto Ippai! ch59.5 by Kayou released Aug 19 '23 Slice of life Subtext
Let's Eat Outdoors! ch03 by Hazuki released Aug 19 '23 Slice of life Yuri
I Don't Know Which One is Love ch19 by Tamamusi released Aug 18 '23 Blushing College Comedy Harem Yuri
Chotto Ippai! ch59: Rival by Kayou released Aug 18 '23 Slice of life Subtext
I Wanna Spoil Yoroizuka-san! ch22 by Aoto Hibiki released Jul 23 '23 Age gap Big breasts Blushing Clones Comedy Couple life Ecchi Finger Licking Height gap Kuudere Office lady School girl Vore Wholesome Wishful thinking Yuri
Men Men Musubi by Yodokawa released Jul 21 '23 Adult life Duplicate Office lady Yuri
Love is Here by Korie Riko Touhou Project Doujin released Jul 21 '23 Alice x Marisa Drunk Yuri
Angels' Share by Hirasaka Makoto Touhou Project Doujin released Jul 20 '23 Comedy Slice of life
It's All Up to Her by Murasakino Original Doujin released Jul 9 '23 Partial color Subtext
Chotto Ippai! ch58: Koharuya Relaxation by Kayou released Jul 3 '23 Slice of life Subtext
Clownpiece and Maple Syrup by Hirasaka Makoto Touhou Project Doujin released Jun 29 '23 Fantasy Slice of life Wholesome