Itou Hachi

Also known as Hatishiro

Mistress-Servant Yuri Book Original Doujin released Oct 29 '14 Animal ears Drama Romance Yuri
The Forest Where the Goddess Lives released Jan 19 '15 Age gap Drama Fantasy Yuri
Snow of Spring Original Doujin released Jan 31 '15 Age gap Animal ears Drama Supernatural Yuri
Chiyo-chan's Marriage Original Doujin released Mar 21 '15 Age gap Animal ears Childhood friends Marriage Romance Yuri
Spring, a Minuet released May 25 '15 Music School life Yuri
White Lily and Spring Aster released Aug 28 '15 School girl School life Yuri
OneeLoli Manga 1+2+3 Original Doujin released Dec 20 '15 4-koma Age gap Animal ears Comedy Maid Moe up the butt Sequel Yuri
Master and Me Original Doujin released Dec 25 '15 Age gap Animal ears Maid Moe up the butt Yuri
Master and Me 2 Original Doujin released Jul 4 '16 Age gap Animal ears Biting Blushing Maid Moe up the butt Sequel Yuri
Belle of the Rabbit and Wolf released Dec 21 '16 Age gap Animal ears Food Yuri