Itou Hachi

Also known as Hatishiro

Mistress-Servant Yuri Book Original Doujin released Oct 29 '14 Animal ears Drama Romance Yuri
The Forest Where the Goddess Lives released Jan 19 '15 Age gap Drama Fantasy Supernatural Yuri
Snow of Spring Original Doujin released Jan 31 '15 Age gap Animal ears Drama Lolicon Supernatural Yuri
Chiyo-chan's Marriage Original Doujin released Mar 21 '15 Age gap Animal ears Childhood friends Marriage Romance Yuri
Spring, a Minuet released May 25 '15 Disability Height gap Music School life Yuri
White Lily and Spring Aster released Aug 28 '15 School girl School life Yuri
Belle of the Rabbit and Wolf released Dec 21 '16 Age gap Animal ears Food Yuri
Aria's Egg released Jan 12 '18 Age gap Animal ears Egg laying Subtext
Master and Mel OneeLoli Hentai Original Doujin released Jul 18 '18 Age gap Animal ears BDSM Lolicon NSFW Yuri
Bloom Into You Comic Anthology ch11: Let's Play With Senpai Bloom Into You Doujin released Jan 22 '19 Comedy Love triangle Official School life Student council Yuri
Oni-san to Gohan released Jul 21 '19 Age gap Fantasy Lolicon Monster girl Yuri
Alice Oneechan is Worried released Jul 23 '19 Age gap Animal ears Duplicate Lolicon Romance Yuri
Left leg's shackle released Oct 23 '19 Aaaaaangst Age gap Animal ears Depressing as fuck Drama Lolicon Tragedy Violence Yuri
The Inferiority Complex is Not Over released Oct 22 '19 Age gap Comedy Incest Lolicon Mangaka Yuri
The twitter of girls and waking of shyness released Dec 11 '19 Age gap Ecchi Lolicon Watersports Yuri
The Little Bird and the Brassiere released Feb 4 '20 Age gap Childhood friends Lolicon Romance Yuri
Alice Onee-chan Is Worried Original Doujin released Jul 3 '20 Age gap Animal ears Duplicate Lolicon Romance Yuri
Ane no Himitsu released Aug 3 '20 Age gap Drama Glasses Lolicon Pseudo-incest Yuri
The Promise I Made to Eve released Jan 11 '21 Age gap Drama Lolicon Maid Robot Sci-fi Violence Yuri
The Student Council's Idle Talk released Apr 19 '21 Comedy School life Student council Yuri
Mashiro-chan's future lover released Oct 10 '21 Age gap Comedy Incest Lolicon Love triangle Twins Yuri
Hinata-chan and Sensei released Jan 13 '22 Age gap Finger licking Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW Student x Teacher Yuri
Oneeloli Yuri released Feb 27 '20 Age gap Lolicon Sci-fi