Nakatani Nio

Also known as Nakatani, Rireba, and Relation Valley

Nakatani-sensei's circle's name, Rireba, is shortened from the Japanese pronunciation of "Relation Valley"—which is itself a direct translation of Nakatani (仲谷).

And To Call Your Name Touhou Project Doujin released Nov 24 '12 Introspective Slice of life
MokouKeine short comic Touhou Project Doujin released Dec 10 '12 Keine x Mokou Slice of life Yuri
Nagi wo Matsu 1 Kantai Collection Doujin released Sep 24 '14 Action Akagi x Kaga Drama Yuri
Imaginary Anata Kantai Collection Doujin released Jul 30 '16 Introspective Tatsuta x Tenryuu Yuri
Happiness is the Shape of a Wound released Dec 18 '16 Drama School girl Yuri
Gudako is sick of apples Fate/X Doujin released Jul 18 '17 Food Protagonist x Shielder
Always in Profile released Jul 31 '17 School girl Yuri
Q's Copyist Touhou Project Doujin released Dec 15 '17 Akyuu x Kosuzu
Commearication released Mar 29 '18 Animal ears School girl Yuri
The Idol Diagonally Opposite Me Touhou Project Doujin released Apr 1 '18 School life
Blood Berry Trap by Minakata Sunao and Nakatani Nio Touhou Project Doujin released Jun 9 '18 Biting Flandre x Remilia Incest Love triangle Sakuya x Remilia Vampire Yuri