Nagashiro Rouge

Also does Het and Yaoi.

The Heir of the Curse released Apr 20 '16 Childhood friends Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Pregnant Science babies Supernatural Tomboy Yuri
The Second Unfaithful released Nov 23 '17 Adult life Cheating NSFW Yuri
Eiko and Leeza's Situation released Jan 2 '18 Hadaka apron Mangaka NSFW Robot Yuri
I Want To Leave Behind a Miraculous Love released Jan 12 '18 Language gap Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Sci-fi Science babies Yuri
Top? Bottom? A Three-Round Bout! released Mar 7 '18 Comedy Height gap Kabedon School girl Yuri
Eve and Eve released Mar 24 '18 Drama Marriage NSFW Philosophical Romance Sci-fi Space Yuri
Enter the Disciples! released Dec 15 '18 Age gap Delinquent Lolicon School girl Yuri
Mama to Musume no Otona Step Nanoha Doujin released Dec 22 '18 Age gap Lots of sex Masturbation NSFW Nanoha x Vivio Pseudo-incest Squirting Dildo Toys Yuri
Monster's Pupil released Mar 23 '19 BDSM Lots of sex Lots of tentacles NSFW Reversal Robot School girl Toys Yuri
Sensei, Even I... released Aug 8 '20 Age gap Big breasts Blackmail Cheating Gyaru Lots of sex NSFW Netorare Reversal Student x Teacher Toys Yuri
Scary Kiss of My Sister released Sep 19 '20 Age gap Incest Lots of kissing Lots of sex NSFW School girl Yuri