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Wow already out with five chapters did yuri-ism already update?
Also more itou hachi! Hallelujah

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5 chapters of Itou Hachi wincest. Praise the gods.
Edit: Dammit, didn't notice the "Ongoing"... Anyway, as always Itou Hachi doesn't disappoint. Absolutely loved it.
Can't wait for more chapters!

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Angel yuri incest? Neat! Actually, if my seven years of Sunday school taught me anything, this makes some semblance of sense - angels are typically genderless (I think) and incest was fairly common back then (I think). I'm probably wrong though, so don't take my word for it.

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Five chapters of Itou Hachi at once??

Guys, are you trying to kill my heart?

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Well, since our house was a bit small me and my brother slept together for a while, its a natural thing but its really uncomfortable.

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I'm surprised this didn't get edited for a Girl Friends reference.

Also, Google is the search engine of choice in yuri.

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An odd concept, but enjoyable. Do hope that the whole angel thing is more interesting than her being dead

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I'm glad to see that Cure Sunshine has been doing well all those years after the events of Heartcatch Precure.

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So is the sister dead or what?

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So is the sister dead or what?

It wouldn't really be supernatural otherwise. I have a feeling Kami-sama will let her return to Earth because her love is so pure or something like that.
At some points, (especially page 130) I was afraid that Mikoto was going to go into edgy yandere mode and either kill Oga-kun or kidnap onee-chan, but than I remembered who wrote this and felt bad for even doubting the greatly-talented Itou Hachi to not keep things optimistic and lighthearted, as they should be.

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the little sister it's pretty yandere
and this gives a love triangle vibe somehow

So is the sister dead or what?

i was wondering the same but other people can see her so...?

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drpepperfan Admin
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If you know if the sister is dead or not from reading raws

feel free to not mention if she is or not. Cause that'd be a annoying spoiler that would hijack the thread.

just wanted to nip that in the bud before it had a chance of starting

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This is really cute~ I can't wait for more!

Marion Diabolito
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If the age-gap yuri is strong enough, your extra set of cat ears will spin around so fast they become a halo, and your kimono will change into angel wings. Litttle-known age-gap yuri fact.

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i'll be expecting more ;v;

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Mmmh, looks interesting, still curious about what the whole angel stuff is actually about.

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The second page of chapter 5 was pure gold xD

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Same characters as the bird/doctor one shot basically
Younger girl makes wish to a goddess/God to find an older woman (that loathes people/men)

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the google search extras! im dying!! >___< this is so cute! looking forward to the rest of it. :)

Nezchan Moderator
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Kind of disappointing how little romantic attraction there is on Sayuri's part. There's a hint of it in the first chapter, then another possible hint in the 5th, but hardly anything in between. I get that this isn't something she's thought about before, but the barrier to her even considering giving in seems awfully high.

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Fox girls marriage story was Itou-san's best masterpiece of all works. Oh! BTW, the fox girls marriage latest chapter has been updated in yuriism if you are interested.

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I am guessing the whole angel thing won't be extremely relevant except as an aside until the manga starts heading for a conclusion.

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Shes gotta be dead right? I mean the supernatural tag is there so thats what I'm basing my thoughts on.

Nezchan Moderator
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Shes gotta be dead right? I mean the supernatural tag is there so thats what I'm basing my thoughts on.

I'm thinking coma. It's a pretty common dodge in manga to have a ghost not actually be dead. See Arcadia ~Flowers of Paradise~, The Cosmos Garden and Blue Line for examples.

Although I'd love to see a romantic manga like this have a darker, or at least more definitively supernatural, undertone while retaining the romance elements.

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Honestly, I'm not a fan of incest but with Itou Hachi writing it, it doesn't seem wrong. Really loving this author!
Additionally, I read the comments and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of the possibility of her sister being dead. Anyways, it doesn't seem like that's the case YET.

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