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joined Jan 30, 2013

I just love Orange & Yellow. Or anything from Otsu Hiyori.

drpepperfan Admin
joined Oct 12, 2010

Agreed. Everything Otsu Hiyori does is adorable and a great read, and this is no exception. Possibly my favorite work by her, either this or Aqua Blue Cinema.

joined Feb 17, 2013

Very cute & sweet.

joined Feb 17, 2013

I was also enamored of this manga, and read anything Otsu Hiyori. In fact, I just reread everything by her just for the feels. Love the art style, very simple. The expressions are also very good. I especially love the little one-shots.

joined Jul 4, 2012

I love the story about the Mermaid girl and Myuu is sooo cute! :D

joined Apr 2, 2013

Cool chapeter tough

joined Feb 1, 2013

I wonder if there's a continuation of the tear potion? I so want o know. It's so cute!

joined Aug 22, 2013

This needs a SEQUEL to some of the one shots!!~ >.<

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joined Jun 1, 2013

I miss Otsu Hiyori sama work :"( T___T
long time no see sama. Need something to chew on...

joined Jul 23, 2013

I love Otsu, because Blue Ocean Cinema was the first well written series I read were the story gives me a warm feeling in my chest, but I always want her stories to have another chapter afterwards. I want to see these two characters interact more and go out on a date or something. But, still great. Otsu Hiyori is one of the best.

Nezchan Moderator
joined Jun 28, 2012

So cute, OMG! I had no idea there was a follow-up (although it's hard to tell, this might have taken place beforehand).

joined Jan 30, 2013

You can have it >_< You're so cute Jun-chan!
Hooray for Otsu Hiyori!

joined Feb 17, 2013

I too love Otsu Hiyori's stuff :)

I could see what was coming when she went for the scissors- but i must say she did well for her age lol- i expected it to look a lot worse :)

joined Feb 23, 2014

i love this,some of the one shots NEED continuations though

joined Feb 24, 2013

The special would've been better if it's about her story Katokoi Hime! :'(
I've been obsessed with that the most among all the stories on this Yellow and Orange anthology.

But as always, weird love manifestations by Otsu Hiyori's characters. Love them all.

joined May 28, 2013


Loved that reaction, hahaha.

joined Jan 27, 2012

What a nice little surprise!

Jun's mom is kind of a jerk :/

Calm your tits, girl!!

joined May 11, 2012

Aww, that was adorable! I think the mother's reaction is justified, little kids are usually not very skilled when it comes to cutting their own hair :P

joined Feb 5, 2013

Ahahaha, man! I love this! Makes me want to see more...aahaha

joined Jan 6, 2014

I love Otsu's works too but I always have a slightly uneasy feeling when I read ( some of ) them.
It feels like one of the girl don't really love the other girl, I mean she loves, but not really, kind of "Oh, you love me that much, then I wil love you too"... ugg Idk how to explain it clearly.

joined Mar 12, 2014

Page 144 just made my day. Oh god I can't stop laughing haha "EYYAGGHHH"

joined Dec 27, 2013

This was sweet, :3
I think I'm gonna re-read Orange and Yellow, I kinda forgot the story, XD

joined Feb 8, 2014

Haha, loved the special. Really made me laugh!

joined Jun 1, 2013

Jun's mom is hilarious. Nice to her girlfriend, talks prick to her.
Yeah, I take it as a way Jun proposed to Myuu, with a hairball. Bet she's pussy cat in her last life too. ' v'

joined Aug 5, 2013

Sharing is caring haha.

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