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call me by your name but yuri LOL
jk i never watched that movie, but the title certainly fits

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Adore this artists shorter works and this is just as great

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The moment I saw the absolutely lovely alien yuri from agu, I stalked their twitter. The moment I saw they had a post about this specific work being made (AND IT WAS ADULT LIFE), I knew I had to scanlate it. Very happy it could please others too.

an absolute huge thank you for this translation!!!
when i saw that manga in the yuri hime, i hoped sooo much, that somebody would translate it, because i can't read japanese. i downloaded the yuri hime just out of curiosity, to see, how a real manga magazine looks like ;o) but the visual language of that manga made me to want to know, what's realy happen.

one suggestion: you should have wrote an explanation about the names ;o) i think, many people thought, whats the matter about those names. does she hate her name just because of the sound, or is it maybe an other reason?
thanks to google, i can think of the answer, but it would have been nice, if you had wrote it direct ;o)

PS: i thought for a long time, if i should make an account on dynasty but never did it. but when i saw that translation, i just have to thank you, so i did it finally ;o)

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in LOVE with this

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