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Tiny bit tsundere at the end, Gujou-san, isn't she?

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in a series full of intensely powerful flirts i think the Taiwanese Director Gambit might be one of the best ones yet........... vive l'amour indeed!

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They're so cute!!!

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You know, it would be nice if any of them would have somewhat normal human responses. Really, what the heck is this?

I had no problem following any of this. What's the issue?

Gujou likes Ibuki, but Ibuki and Botan are a thing now. Gujou caught on to it at the art museum, so she's working on moving on. Lin-Ran confessed to her around the same time, so she's been thinking about her. They're talking about movies and directors, and Lin-Ran cuts to the chase by confessing again. Gujou's not there yet, but she's been thinking about her, so she mentions that she's been watching Taiwanese films as a way of saying that she's interested.

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Lol the recent chapters dialogue sounds like Archer without a punchline. Still cute though

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Didn’t Lin-Ran like Botan or Ibuki before (I forget which one, but I think it was Botan), or am I remembering this incorrectly? I guess she moved on quickly though like Gujou if I actually did remember that correctly.

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God alcoholic anime girls flirting is amazing.

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