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Diego Joestar
joined Apr 28, 2021

That was a nice crossover chapter I think

joined Feb 9, 2015

I​ just​ realize​d​ that​ there​ is​ no​ yuri​ tag.​ I​ enjoy​ed​ the​ story, but​ hope​ there​ will​ be​ more​ extra chapter​s​ that​ it​ can​ eventually​ have​ yuri​ tag.

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joined Mar 6, 2021

Subtext my ass I'm gonna throw down with the tagger

joined Aug 12, 2019

awww, all good things must come to an end. Azurite x Ruby forever! always be a person of culture and to schlick yourself.

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joined May 3, 2016

I hate that it took me this long to realize the series was complete. I’m not sure how I missed the update...

joined Feb 21, 2019

the yuri tag won out praise the goddess

DR2 Hajime Hinata
joined Jul 20, 2016

awww, genuinely gonna miss this one

joined Jun 12, 2021

Yet another "this is clearly gay" series where nothing happens.

joined Jun 5, 2018

I think Gunjous coolest moments were in fact when she was in her normal form. Especially when she "made up an excuse" for buying blue characters. Like man, it sounded so adult, a lot more than a lot of real life adults!

Marion Diabolito
joined Jan 5, 2015

There's so many comments - has anyone brought up the theory that Ruby is picking Azurite's costume? Although when she could upgrade, it might be her subconscious realised Ruby wanted her to look risqué, so she made an unwearable costume to force herself back into the garb Ruby wants.

joined Feb 5, 2020

Is ch. 23 making a Nanoha reference?

joined Jul 15, 2016

Is ch. 23 making a Nanoha reference?

Only visually, at best. Nanoha has never really had a dark and edgy phase like Ruby (though she definitely does have a dark edge under her gentle facade).

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joined Jul 19, 2018

"I'm gonna head home and slick"

DAMN! This is top-tier dialogue

joined Jul 19, 2018

"she's a total redophile"

I'm glad I re-red this. Well, Ruby's a middle schooler, so I guess it's not totally wrong...

joined Jun 27, 2018

Oh hey it the two from that other manga this artist did

joined Sep 26, 2020

I just started watching / reading SHY, and it reminds me a little of this, and being reminded I remembered how much I miss this series. It's cute.

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