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Red flag.

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Someone explain what happened please

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Umm no thank you. If this was real life I would definitely try to avoid it. Not good for my health

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That twist... lol

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^^Sure she might just end up being that black haired girl to the next woman, but its also possible she can properly settle down with her i guess? She doesn't seem like a serial cheater, more just unfocused and sloppy / flighty?

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there should be a player tag here right? hahaha

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Yeah, no.

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This was a good read, I liked it.

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Interesting yep.

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I was expecting the twist a lot earlier so by the time it happened I had kinda forgotten I expected it at all, lol. Anyway, a little confusing that Hijiri claimed her old roommate wasn't around, so was that a lie or is she back? Was Hijiri about to move back in with her? Regardless, an interesting, occasionally cute, occasionally humorous read.

Well I was kinda right about it being like sloppy in the sense of sloppy toppy, but it turned out to be that and more lmao, this was pretty fun, but damn Kamijou is in trouble now. Hope this gets a sequel, I wanna see if she does decide to go down that sloppy relationship path.

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Uh oh.

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Unexpected, super good!

that's a red flag thooough!

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sloppily ever after... Well...

We got a womanizer in our hands, chief.

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What a twist

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Ending ruined it for me

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I should have stop at where the ex-roommate barge in.

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We need a red flag tag...

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I feel like there must have been a reason she left her past gfs and this relationship might be implied to be the one that works out.

Regardless, love this author and the work they do.

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what just happened

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what just happened

weird triangle shit

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Big red flag right there, better enjoy these calm and funny moments while they last MC!

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I think this is Player tag but that would be kinda spoiler. I think its good art is amazing

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