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wholesome adult shoujo ai is the only thing keeping me alive in 2020

Lucky there seems to be a fair bit around! Maybe there will be so much of it someday, you'll become immortal

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Cute, the time skip made it feel less cheap than it would have otherwise. Rin didn’t just have a sudden explosion of lesbianism

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Not gonna lie. I thought the NSFW tag meant something a little further, but a wholesome endding is good too.

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The journey thus end, where others merely begin. How short good things must be

also, the premise reminds me of the game-dev lady from "Even if It was Just Once, I Regret It"

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^ slightly annoyed, but obviously tired almost to sleep voice: shoujo-ai isn't a thing. drops asleep on the keyboard

I agree. Yuri should never be associated with shoujo ai unless there really is shoujo ai (a.k.a.: lolicon) involved.

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Meh. It was okay, but it's lacking in substance. The NSFW tag, while necessary, is kind of misleading as well.

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I forgot there was only one left so this was a shame but it’s still cute. Normally I applaud the balls of confessing but when she did I could only think “really? We’re doing this now?”.

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Seems legit,, I would like to continue to read this

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That was a pretty wholesome read, I liked it.

I thought we were gonna get some spicy time because of the nsfw tag but we only got 1.5 nipples, the handholding makes up for it though.

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It's pretty cliche and predictable but it was a nice read because of its wholesomeness

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pretty nice and wholesome plus the timeskip didnt detract from the story. ending felt kinda abrupt though. Would have been nice if we got a chapter about their relationship afterwards.

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God damn it! I wish we had more chapters to explore the relationship

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Of course. They're doing the double hand-holding on the last page. NSFW is the least this site can do to warn us of the lewdness.

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This manga gave me “Bloom Into You” Vibes!

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This manga gave me “Bloom Into You” Vibes!

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I didn't realize it's complete now.. Oww how i wish more..

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