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Preteens? Really!? This needs another tag...

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Everyone seems to have mixed feelings about this.. i want to see more and see if she actually gave the girl a chance again xD

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The story is extremely muddled and all over the place. In my opinion sex can be fine, if the author wants to draw sex that's fine. It's just the author didn't really find any way to naturally include the sex, or make it feel like a proper part of the story.

As "bitfarb" said the sex was probably a way for the main character to release her desires and feelings. Which can work, I just think the author poorly conveyed that and didn't do it well.

However I think that was the biggest problem with the entire story, the sex wasn't so much a problem, as just the entire story not properly conveying any of it's ideas and it didn't properly execute anything. That said the art is well done at the very least.

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I'm here to remind you all that love between two same-sex girls is impossible and illegal, Hitomi said it.

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So senseis a pedo and manipulates kids trust for sex,,,, oof... But also decent sex scene so.

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That's forbidden love.

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I think I'd feel better about this one if that "you're a homosexual?" thing didn't happen. The reality of that phrasing makes it seem like lgbt folks are all predators who take advantage of kids who are coming out. If it didn't mention it, I could just apply porn logic.

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Well that's some expertise - to cum while thinking your beloved is dating someone else.
Also why not try dating that girl? sleeping with a teacher is okok after all, isn't it?))

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gud art
but now am depressed

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Well that's some expertise - to cum while thinking your beloved is dating someone else.

Wouldn’t exactly be the first time a person is sad when cumming.

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There is actually a Hentai manga of reina and her boyfriend,the kid has like 10 wtf

it is called "Heart Floating on Air"

Thats actually really annoying to learn. As a oneshot you could interpret this all sorts of ways and even if the sex in the middle's a bit unnecessary at least you could read something potentially hopeful and maybe even cute in the end, or at least find the main character's struggles interesting. With the context it just comes across as some needless angst about a girl who unfortunately has feelings for someone who'd rather have sex with a prepubescent boy than consider a same-sex relationship. Yikes.

Well, Hamao's main product is porn, plot is not their forte, not that it would be the emphasis in porn. This one is a rare Hamao story where the drama is slightly heavier than their usual porn. It's also part of a series of porn stories featuring the girls seen on the cover page (Chuu ni uita mama no Kotoba/Kokoro/Kimochi)(yuri/het/het, respectively), though so far the girl with glasses has not yet appeared in her own story, but it's only a matter of time, I think.

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No,t quite, it's the sex scene that was unnecessary. She could talkto the Sensei normally. Why doesthe sex scene had to do with anything ? Also good old "you should date a boy" .

I read the compilation this is from and she does turn straight at the end

That's even more shitty than i thought.

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I read the compilation this is from and she does turn straight at the end

Hamao has a new compilation tankoubon already? Can you tell me what's its name, and/or if it's available online somewhere? Asking for a friend :))

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I liked it! Needs Aaaangst or Drama lables, but it's got plenty of action and plot in so few pages!

Plus they are in middle school... these are very young kids... and the teacher is a paedophile. This isn't her first exploited child (Rui sees it through the window in a flashback, eh?)

If Rui does 'turn straight' at the end that would be sad, really. I think the teacher was just goading her on, trying to get her to accept the other girl's offer? But her heart is set on Reina.

On the plus side? Her friends are fully supportive of their totally gay classmate(s) :-)

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From... that Panda site:

"This is actually connected to 2 other chapters Hamao did years ago: #1 is from COMIC Kairakuten XTC Vol. 6; #2 is from COMIC X-Eros #43. Both are compiled in the tankoubon titled "Candy Drop". They aren't yuri though." - Uploader GO_KENTA

Candy Drop (Hamao) is at the Panda place, in Korean only? 222 pages...

No idea how the one in COMIC Kairakuten XTC Vol. 5 is connected. A black haired guitar playing girl gets caught in the rain and her music-club sempai gets turned on and off they go! In Vietnamese so IDK really :/

The other one is about Reina meeting (tutoring?) her 'boyfriend' and promptly attacking him... then he attacks her, a great deal of sweat is generated. There's a page with Rui and her 2 friends meeting him at the end.

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@5Cats: So it's not Rui that turns straight as implied by that other comment but Reina, and it's not any new Hamao tankoubon that I missed :))

I think you were a bit confused, though. The two connected stories to this one are compiled in Candy Drop tankoubon, titled Chuu ni uita mama no Kimochi/Kokoro, featuring the girl with hair ribbon and Rui, first published in Karaikuten XTC vol 6 and X-EROS #43, respectively. The one you described is the single story named Candy Drop, first published in Karaikuten XTC vol 5, also compiled in the same tankoubon, and not related to this series.
Anyway, all these 3 porn works are het, which means not welcomed to be discussed on dynasty here, so let's stop.

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the student x teacher meme needs to die

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I liked the art. That's the only thing I liked.

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Poor Rui

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the student x teacher meme

That word doesn't mean what you seem to think it means.

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Need sequel

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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Bruh she should've given that girl a chance, the thing I want the most after a broken heart is love

Part of me wishes Reina is just in denial and truly likes Rui too, which is why she went for a younger boy who looked like a girl to me at first

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