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Woah I can't believe this doesn't have comments yet? Anyway! super cute... Some characters (as usual in kirara 4koma) are very cliche but it's fun and the drawings....... ooohhh the drawings! (●´□`)♡

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I dunno, it's not Kenrantaru Grande Scène
That's the only ballet manga for me

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The 'pas 4' on p7 might be reffering to 'Pas de Quatre' - if its not i've no idea.

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Yes, it's likely referring to that.

Also, to the translator, you are correct in the interpretation of her butchered French in ch. 1. She was indeed slurring "bonjour" and "s'il vous plaît."

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Do they gay?

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Do they gay?

So far (ch2) Ai has shown some tsundere-ish attraction toward Miyu, and Miyu was distracted by Jahy-sama-lookalike's boobs, and there's a voyeur onee-san, so I'd say at least a Subtext tag is warranted.

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This is nothing like their other manga (Sekai de Ichiban Oppai ga Suki!)

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f*** I hate 4-koma so bad .... I wanted to give it a try because Wakame-sensei but this ain't ... =(

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This looks like a great Volleyball club

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This looks like a great Volleyball club

Hot Blooded training montage when?

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Konbu does CGDCT 4koma?! Oppai joke deployed Oh lord its as good as I suspected! Maybe kind of along the lines of a lightly lewd gochiusa? This a good way to start 2020 regardless

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wow finally a translation for this one

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Safi is so many levels of best girl, it shouldn't be legal.
Miyu's hair is freaking gorgeous.

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I can't never get enough of super lesbian tsundres in kirara

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Chapter drop!!!! Konbus artstyle is too legit! Loli mamma was nice idea.... This is high ranking anime worthy material

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I always hesitate to read another one of these 4-koma mangas, but when I realized who the author was, I just had jump in.

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Madoka Magica episode 3 PTSD

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I feel like the Yuri (or at least subtext) tag would be appropriate at this point. Natsu's pretty clearly into Sufi.

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Natsu is so gay for Safi it's probably affecting her health.
Also, Safi is a natural. You can positively hear Natsu's mind swerving hard into the gutter and landing with a splash...

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Also random note (ahem) - as a given name Safi ("pure") is masculine though hers might just be a contraction of one of the feminine forms (esp. if her full one is the rather longer Safiyyah which the Japanese might struggle with, idk). It's also used as a family name in the Levant and tribal name in Afghanistan but those are highly unlikely to be relevant as for whatever reason everyone in this series goes by their given names all the time.
...I'm a nerd for etymologies, don't judge me.

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Safi looks like Konbu enjoyed drawing Jahy-sama so kept using the design... oor vice-versa, liked Safi so much and gave her design it's own series, not sure if dreaming prima was before or after the Jahy-sama manga... Regardless, Konbu has definitely become one of my favorite mangakas of all time, I love the fact they do awesome ecchis plus hilarious CGDCT, when the two are combined its like its more powerful!

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Safi is considerably curvier than (even adult-form) Jahy-sama mind you, but yeah otherwise the designs are very alike. And if memory serves Subaru from Ichiban Oppai has both a tan and similar ear-like hair tufts...

Author Appeal where? o3o

Miss Térieuse
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I feel like the Yuri (or at least subtext) tag would be appropriate at this point. Natsu's pretty clearly into Sufi.

I'd say they're pretty gay for each other. But I do agree that the subtext or yuri tag should be added.

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Safi looks like Konbu enjoyed drawing Jahy-sama so kept using the design... oor vice-versa

It's vice versa. Prima Girl has been out before Jahy-sama.

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I felt the pain from that last strip. Too relatable.

Sad to see it hasn't been updated since March. This is really cute and wholesome.

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