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Gelert_Xross posted:

So, I gotta think Stardust is either evil or is gonna die soonish. Maybe both.

I think that the author is going to make us think that Stardust is evil, but have him turn out to be acting and pretending to be evil. Foreshadowed by these panels.

I also do believe that he is just for show too, hitting on the fact that he did cut his friend finger off in order to save them when he did that. We weren’t conform that his friend was dead or anything. But I feel like there’s more to that story then ‘us’ hearing from that stand point.

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He is not evil, just typical very edgy hero trope. Of course his "test" is completely bullshit, as expected.

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gets Bleach ptsd

"Bleach ptsd" is my new favorite thing, hehe.

Kind sad Koishikawa didn't cheer for her instead, but I still love them and I love Shy's willpower. This series is o awesome.

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Her eyes are on FIRE

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Shy got her own Naruto speech

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I want Shy to just start ONE punching people and queue that music from the anime haha

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Stardust: Why am I hearing Shy's theme

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Fighto! Fighto!

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This, is what I expected to see in a female heroine. This is good. There is struggle and development. Because of who she is, not what she is. Because who is around her. She's overcoming the obstacles in front of her, even when all the chips are down and she's definitely got it all stacked against her. She's not perfect, she's flawed, but she has heart, courage, and the will to win. Why couldn't we have that in today's movies.

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Stardust adhering to Inspector General Martinet's (d. 1672) maxim whip them now or bury them later, or as one martial-arts instructor put it, "sweat in training saves blood in fighting".

Because being mentally and emotionally unprepared for the stresses of serious combat is a really great way to get killed even if you aren't depending on an Empathic Weapon that runs on your willpower (and up against some supernatural jackass with a penchance for head games).

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Stardust is badass!! I would love to see his origin story!

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My headcanon:
The boy is trying to help by setting the darkness in the hearts free, and it is meant to be the heroes’ jobs to purify the darkness once released. But the heroes are just too weak in terms of their hearts to do it. They don’t know the truth, and so they think he’s an enemy, when he’s just doing what he thinks is right. Once Stardust realizes this, he will realize it was his fault for being too weak to save his friend, and that shy is a better hero than him because she focuses on feelings, not strength, as a true hero should.

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I see Stardust acting like this because he feels tremendous guilt for cutting his friend's finger and blames himself for being too "weak," which is why he adopted this mentality that he has to fight with his full strength. If he doesn't, then he is afraid that there will be even more casualties.

When Spirits comments that Stardust does not feel any emotions, I think she is wrong in assuming that he lacks empathy. Rather, his guilt has caused him to close off his heart because he is afraid that if he does let anyone else in his heart, they might end up hurt.

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^Seeing how his lack of empathy is also used to explain how his powers work, it's clearly been this way for much longer than just this incident. It would however explain why he had to cut off his friend's finger, since unlike Shy he would not be able to resolve feelings he doesn't understand himself.

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^That makes sense. Thanks.

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give shy a gun

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but she will likely get a hadoken, negating need of gun

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but she will likely get a hadoken, negating need of gun

Gun still works if your hadoken fizzles from a loss of confidence tho.

Then again buggers are hard to use effectively so...

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It seems that my yuri scenes will have to wait another chapter.

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Hope Shy meet La Pucelle and both makes embarrassed things in the bed.

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but she will likely get a hadoken

More like "don'tbesadoken", the way her powers feed on her ridiculous positivity

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shadesofgreymoon posted:

but she will likely get a hadoken

More like "don'tbesadoken", the way her powers feed on her ridiculous positivity

Lo/ I want to pin this comment in the first page hehehe, I hope she learns the Shoyuriken too

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Feels over facts?

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The first punch was plain fire bending

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