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Tomoko, to get arrested there first needs to be a complaint in that regard, and I don't think Asuka will raise any

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Using line to make sure your wife isn't dead on the other side of the apartment.

Relationship goals.

I'll invite you over. I'll invite everyone over.

Spoken like a true harem protagonist.

Tomo/Nemo's is the most down to earth of all of them. Not a really fancy place, both of them kind of scraping by at their goals, but doing it together. Emoji's is just silly, and living with Asuka like that would just be weird if they legit weren't dating. Tomo/Yuri's was okay, too, I just like Nemo better.

These two doujin were really good. Could just about pass for canon.

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DR2 Hajime Hinata
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That was the best parody of Watamote I have ever read.
It also just made me realize more of how much I like all of Tomoko's harem and really can't choose just one of the girls for her to end up with

living with Asuka like that would just be weird if they legit weren't dating.

I wouldn't be surprised, Asuku really likes to baby Tomoko

joined Oct 26, 2016

This was really relaxing for some reason, just looking at the different layouts and enjoying the what-if stories.

College life Watamote where everyone's more mature but with the same quirky personalities would be absolutely amazing.

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That was fun. It reminds me of times as a kid when I'd look at floor plans in the real estate classifieds and imagine what it'd be like to live there.

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All things begin and end with best girl Yuri.

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Even Ucchi's daydream on living with Tomoko was depressingly realistic

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Even in Ucchi's delusions Tomoko isn't looking her way. Have some more confidence Ucchi!

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and living with Asuka like that would just be weird if they legit weren't dating.

Something about that really seemed familiar...

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Surprisingly sweet ending, the comedy was on point too, definitely faved!

joined Oct 3, 2018

I' m sorry, this was just really good.
Feels canon.
Loved the art, was funny, cute story.


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Gotta love how even doujin authors note that Asuka is the thirstiest and more assertive girl on Tomoko's harem.

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What was that “sun” thing Tomoko drew with ketchup?

joined Jul 26, 2016

What was that “sun” thing Tomoko drew with ketchup?

Your imagination is not dirty enough.

joined Feb 11, 2018

What was that “sun” thing Tomoko drew with ketchup?

When a stork brings a baby to a couple, that's the place where you pull it out. :)

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