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Well, anything by Vivit Gray, for a start. Personal Color is good too. A lot of Yohane's stuff is pretty heavy on the syrupy romance too, with some interesting character concepts.

That's a good start in any case.

drpepperfan Staff
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I would also recommend the two works by Nikutama Soba Very cute.

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Also most of the good introspection is SUPER high quality in the Touhou niche, especially by This Author.

And Cloud Palette has some awesome moe stuff.

Just in general, the law of Touhou yuri is that there is no such thing as bad yuri. Just pick the tags you like or the characters that look best to you and go from there. There's so much range and variety, quite literally something for everyone.

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awe...this was so freaking cute

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This is a level of tenderness that is almost unmatched by anything I've read prior to this. One of my top favorites.

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That was lovely... My first time reading it... Thanks for "bumping" it

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wow! it really passionate love. I love the way the story take everything slowly....feel the passion of love. Great!

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Whoaw only just discovered Vivid Grey but they're already a favorite of mine omg

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This is how every 18+ manga should be. So tired of bullshit but this one was amazing and romantic. So pure and real. It's really hard to come across masterpieces like this. No incest, and it was consensual, and no bullshit excuse to just have sex, it was perfect.

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Welp, there's my first Touhou doujin that I really liked. Definitely sweet and romantic. And secksi.

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kill me pls

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Oh my god. I found my new favorite Mokou x Keine doujin. That was intense, romantic, soft, tender, amazing. My god, so much love poured into this. 10/10

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