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Procyon's post reads as thus:

While I'm still trying to get in touch with her spouse, I feel I should delay no further the sad announcement that

Ana, known here as Phyis, has passed away on 27 March, 2018.

Ana mentioned to friends and in messages here that she was struggling with her health, she passed away at home with her wife.

Ana took over running Yuriproject in 2013 with technical expertise and a very active role in scanlating manga. In my communications with her we talked mostly about hobbies and it was obvious she was a person who was quick to become deeply passionate in her interests in a variety of areas. She was someone who cared for the people that came to rely on her and worked hard even if only few would notice.

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While I personally have not really interacted with the members of Yuri Project all that much, if at all, they've certainly been a significant part of my life over the years. I'm incredibly saddened and I wish nothing but the best for Ana's spouse and the Yuri Project community.

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One of us, she has my respect for all that hard work and I hope she can rest in peace, this is truly devastating news.

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I wholeheartedly agree. Personally I did not know her, but as an avid reader of the scanlations of yuriproject I really valued her work and was always grateful for their effort, thus also her contributions (even more so now that I know she ran the group). My honest condolences to her wife, family, and friends.

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I don't keep up with Yuri Project itself, but I'm sure I've read countless scanlations by them on here. This is always sad news to hear, just really unfortunate.

Rest in peace.

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Never actually know her personally but Phyis was one of the very first names I know of when I just started entering the yuri fandom. May she rest in peace and bless her wife and family.

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That's really sad, I can't imagine how sad is to lost someone who we love, but I'm pretty sure she is resting and having peace, may the blessing of the goddess fall on her family <3

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More sad news we received after two months. Although I did not know this person, I just hope she is in a good place. May God comfort his family, his wife and friends at this time.

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Rest in peace Phyis. Thank you for all the hard work you've done for the yuri community.

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This is tragic news. I'm sad to hear of this and give my deepest condolences to her wife and family. Her work will never be forgotten.

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I can't even imagine how painful this must be for her spouse and other people that were close to her- I did't even know them personally but this hits me hard. May they rest in peace. Thank you for everything you've done for us over the years.

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Such heartbreaking news. Though I didn't know her personally, the Yuri Project is a wonderful place and I hope is left in good hands. At least she was able to spend her precious remaining time with her family. Rest in Peace, we love you.

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I too only knew her through her work in our community - which I am forever grateful for - but it still is very sad :(

Wishing the best to her family and friends.

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first Ssamba and now this happens T.T we lost two great people this year... rest in peace :(

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The name appeared on the dynasty announcement text startled me. I wished I looked wrong.
Only know Phyis through yuriproject's work, I still remember her account on dynasty.
Thank you, for your contribution to our community, for being.
Rest in peace, Ana.

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Sad, sad, news. My sincere condolences to her family and thanks for her work in this community.

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Though I never had a chance to speak with Ana, I've always been immensely grateful to the members of Yuri Project for their efforts in bringing the people in our community consistently high quality work.

I'm so terribly sorry to hear this news, and I only wish I could offer more than my condolences to her wife, family, and friends.

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I don't even know what to say. I hope the people she left behind survive the loss.

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This is honestly just really misfortunate to hear. I hope her loved ones manage to cope

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Never heard of her, but I hope her loved ones are okay.

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Super late and I regret this, but I could care less because the important thing is right now is to pay my respect to her and her hard work she has done. Ive read countless scanlations from them, and I cannot imagine something so tragic. Im so grateful to all the scanlations and Yuri project has been a big push in the yuri community.

A death is always so unfortunate and tragic.
Rest in peace.

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first Ssamba and now this happens T.T we lost two great people this year... rest in peace :(

Yeah. Both were amazing people to the community. May the rest in peace

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So sad to hear another bad new after Ssamba's lost, condolence to her family, rest in peace Ana. :'( <3

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Rest in Peace Phyis.

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So soon after Ssamba. I'm saddened to hear this. Rest in peace Phyis.

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