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wow that's really it?

joined Jan 16, 2017

what a weird, incomplete ending. Though the author knows it is, looking at the author's notes. Maybe someday this will earn the prestigious yuri tag

joined Nov 27, 2017

Wow, i mean how do one release a job like this?, the ending way too confusing, wich could be understandable from the first chapter from a manga....... But this wasn't, it was released like that......

drpepperfan Admin
joined Oct 12, 2010

I think there's more doujins planned for this later, and I'll make a series if they ever do get released...but as it is, wow what a sudden end.

joined Mar 20, 2017

Please be looking forward to it's continuation... if it continues?

joined Apr 27, 2013

For a first chapter, it's alright, but it's annoying as a stand-alone release

joined Nov 30, 2016

To deepen the mystery, it also appeared on a yuri doujinshi shelf in Akihabara (
Mai or TBW will probably be on later with more illuminating context~

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Well, it's self-published and author explained why she couldn't draw more (cut pages?). Situation is similar to Haruzo's Touko-san can't take care of the house-series, intended to be one but you never know. She's probably also busy (she's currently running another yuri series in Comic Exe which is bimonthly), and it looks like this book is her first doujinshi. You could even say she's inexperienced about how to handle a story/series since she only drew illustrations before. Apparently she'll participate in C93 but as a KanColle booth, so chances are low that we'll get a sequel book this year.

joined Jul 12, 2017

Huh, why's the calendar in Finnish on pg7?

Alice Cheshire Moderator
joined Nov 7, 2014

scalio posted:

Huh, why's the calendar in Finnish on pg7?

Considering her mother travels it's probably because she traveled to Finland at some point and brought/sent back a calendar.

joined Mar 7, 2017

I guess it's the start of th series. If it's not it''s missing a bit of the 3 act structure stori s normally have.

You know

Like the other 2.5 parts

joined Apr 7, 2016

I think instead of ending suddenly, it ended with a cliffhanger. Perhaps the author hoped that it can get its own series if they put in a cliffhanger? I know I'm intrigued. It seems like a pretty cool supernatural story.

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As a story. I think it has a good skeletal framework. Then, just flesh out the characters. There's more to this than meets the eye- antique shop, mother, one earring as Yuuka's birthday present with the other earring on the left ear of Tsukiyo, October 10 .. There's a lot more to this chap. 1.

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There's an AMA on the group's Tumblr, if anyone's feeling bold ( And has a Tumblr. And can convey their message in Japanese.

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I liked the art, at the very least. :)

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I was expecting pokemon :P

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More please

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Huh, why's the calendar in Finnish on pg7?

Well, her mother is running around in $GENERIC_EASTERN_COUNTRY, so it could just be part of an attempt to make things feel vaguely western.

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Really nice art. Premise was interesting but seems like it might be headed for that graveyard of abandoned yuri stories.

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