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yeeeeei 14, never thought i'd be so happy over a fucking nubmer ^_^

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*stares blankly at chapter title*
...I can't believe we actually made it O.O

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A whole chapter? What is this

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Wow. Now sister x sister? And I hope mommy and daughter can fix this misunderstanding.

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That last page was simple but amazing.

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Well, incest is everywhere...
The last page was super sweet tho !

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Incest everywhere. It's fantastic

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I'm really disappointed that there's no more 13.xx chapters
Why even bother reading this anymore?
Dropping this series right now. Smh.

[Low-key wanted the chp#13 to go on till ending and beyond]

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Worth it.

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So when is chapter 14.1 +α coming?

niceeeee she doin her sis

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Is she is gone ? Can we have not obnoxious Senpai for the rest of the manga please ? Gosh, if some like her, i don't know how you do that. Between the 8/9 chapters of flashbacks and her unnecessary tragic backstory and very convenient incestous relation and her overall attitude, i can't really stand her. And what a way to set up a "rival" by giving said rival an existant love relationship.

she had a sick sis to use at home?

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While sisterxsister isn't exactly common(sadly) it is nice to see a more rare premise

Well it happend now

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I'm really confused here. Was there some sort of flashback between chapter 12 and 14?

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This chapter makes me happy on so many levels

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While sisterxsister isn't exactly common(sadly) it is nice to see a more rare premise

Well it happend now

Sisterxsister not exactly common? What about the forbidden sisters anthology?

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I was a bit scared when I read "To be continued" and 2 later "END".

pray to god we don't move to a miyuki/sis arc

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pray to god we don't move to a miyuki/sis arc

In flashback, filling in the time since the earliest appearance of Miyuki (where we first learned of “in the hospital” sister) to the present.

In chapters, that would be about . . . let’s see . . .

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To Incestfinity and beyond!

It may be because I just started reading this recently, so Chapter 13++++a.png/more, part eighty didn't really bother me that much, was more amusing than anything. Interested to see what sort of role Miyuki may play going forward, but if not, we at least now know how she helped our girl realize her feelings in the first place. Glad her sister's alive just because dead characters make me sad, but it also kinda puts everything else in a new context and raises some questions. I kinda wonder if she was in a coma or something for a long while, thus the trying to settle for other girls on Miyuki's part. I'm really curious about what the sister's stance on the whole situation is.

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To Incestfinity and beyond!

Thank you. You just made my day.

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This suddenly turned into 1/2 x 1/2

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i have a weird fetish, dang

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