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The last 3 pages felt like I was looking at that meme Slaps flex tape into huge leak

"To show you the power of Flex Tape, I put this planet back together!"

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The last two chapters feel right to me tbh but just so rushed. It all makes sense but it’s freaking sonic speed, they should’ve probably had an extra volume to develop the ending but they just kinda were like “sotheywenttheirownwanddismtseeeachotherforayearandthenlivedtogetherandthenthegayhappenedtheend” like come on at least give us a few pages of angst after the drunk confession or half a page about how they came to live together T-T

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This is wrong, this is not how it is supposed to be, yet I can't deny that I wanted this ending

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Love the series. However I agree the last few chapters are a bit fast, like they just wanna be done with. Wish they didn't do that, but if they didn't the series would drag on for a longer period of time, but that's their problem. Like I'm fine with like maybe 1 chapter about kaoru developing feelings for Uta as they started living together(in the time skip, uta working, also before the kiss) and her realizing her feelings more and trying hard to confess to Uta but she gets embarrassed way too much she needs to rely on alcohol and the chapters goes on. Basically I just wished there was more build up before the confession of kaoru. Anyone else agree?

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Stood up well to a re-read one year on. Though seeing the comments again I once again find myself wishing that the posting here made it clear that "chapter 38" is nothing of the sort - it is a separate sequel short story (which is why it seems detached from the rest and abbreviated in buildup), with its own title - the credits page is the cover. The Japanese title of the main story refers metaphorically to a thread that cannot reach, while (as far as I can recall) the short's title is roughly "beyond the spun thread".
Edit: just to be clear, I'm not saying it isn't canon, or that it shouldn't be here, just that calling it "chapter 38" and having no intervening cover page or notice makes it seem like it is meant to be a seamless part of the main work - which it isn't.

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The ending(last chapter) is kinda meh but at least they became more than sisters and be happy together. It was a pretty good story.

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Not a fan of the localized title.

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Alright I just finished Unrequited Love and it was a little disappointing. It had been on my backlog for a while and the premise (girl falls in love with sister in law) was pretty novel. This isn't to say it was terrible but I feel like it suffered from a lack of commitment, and didn't do more with its ideas. It had very consistent art and the characters were human(most of the time) and realistic enough. It was a little drawn out and the ending was extremely unsatisfying; the story almost concludes with Uta giving up on her "unrequited" love only for the very last page to suggest this was not the case—this destroys the one reason that might excuse the other flaws of the manga. The poor pacing was a result of the story juggling all these different character's relationships(which often went almost nowhere) and the protagonists beating around the bush about their own feelings for far too long. I am glad they didn't vilify Kaoru's husband (which often do to justify the removal of the male character from the equation). But despite the lack of yuri closure between Uta and Kaoru, Kaoru does indeed get divorced (the reason being was quite good and didn't make either of them the perpetrator), but this doesn't really serve any end besides its own as no real romance for either of them result from this. The general lack of yuri, despite all the build up would have been forgivable as part of the story's main themes (unrequited love) were it not for the tease at the end. Risako's story went no where, the waitress girl x rich girl went no where, the slutty girl's back story wasn't worth anything, Uta's parents didn't result in anything. Of course the stories of the supporting cast doesn't always have to be more than interesting or consolidating themes and messages either to us or the protagonist, but all these inconclusive stories drew things out far too much, making the ending that much more unrewarding. I feel like so much could have been done with such a premise: a pseudo incest cheating story, the familial aftermath of Uta dating Kaoru, Uta struggling with the immorality of wanting to/actually cucking her brother, feelings of jealousy. I think during the period where Uta suspected her husband of cheating, I thought it would have made for an interesting story if Uta and Kaoru's relationship had been initiated almost as a way of Kaoru getting revenge in secret, only to learn that her husband had never actually cheated. The story was drawn out, lacking in romance or closure, but not even committing to that much; the premise was poorly utilized and there were too many things that went nowhere. It's hard to recommend an almost 40 chapter romance with almost no romance.

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snip ...
The story was drawn out, lacking in romance or closure, but not even committing to that much; the premise was poorly utilized and there were too many things that went nowhere. It's hard to recommend an almost 40 chapter romance with almost no romance.

In case you haven't seen it, there's a an additional epilogue chapter on mangadex that might provide some of that

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That's the same as "Chapter 38" here. Apart from translator differences.

Wow, those translations differ hugely in who they attribute "drinking" and "tired" to in the first few pages.

"I've always complained about being rejected for jobs" wtf is this some terrible machine translation?

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Ohh you're right, nevermind then. Totally forgot it came here at some point too

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[Snip a whole bunch of reasonable points] there were too many things that went nowhere.

Yes, indeed. Lots of series have structural problems (often including rushed endings) because they get axed and therefore don’t have the time/space to develop the ideas and plot points they introduce. But this one had more than enough room to explore its central themes, and it just didn’t.

By the end (heck, by the middle) I was one of this series’ most vocal detractors, but it was the sense of “what might have been” (and occasional flashes of competence at scene-making) that kept me and other critics around for the long haul. The premise (“teenage girl in love with her brother’s wife”) was always going to be high degree-of-difficulty to pull off effectively, but very few manga series are ever given so many chapters to accomplish so little.

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Finding Jessica Lambert
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Finding Jessica Lambert posted:

Finding Jessica Lambert posted:

Some people feel safe to love someone who won't reciprocate their feelings

Except Uta wanted her feelings to be reciprocated, that's why she was agonizing over them.

It's called a wishful thinking

Rotfl. If Uta was ok with just loving Kaoru, because she knew she won't reciprocate her feelings then she wouldn't be suffering living in the same house as her, interacting with her knowing she's married, eventually confessing to her and after being rejected moving out, despite later saying she wants to live together with her, but she can't while her relationship with Kaoru is the way it is. Entire story would literally not happen and Uta would just keep living with Kaoru and Reiichi, completely content with her life.

And, there is one detail, Uta is blushing at the door. Could they possibly be lovers already, at that time?
Ending depends on reader, I think.

No shit. That's exactly the reason everyone is pissed. Because author left it up to readers.

Finding Jessica Lambert
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I'm not sure what have happened, I was reading some of my comments and clicked something to erase stupid smile and this one above appeared like post
Sorry people
Also, some of those quotes are not mine
I really don't know exactly what is this
Maybe my unrequited love?

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Oh yeah, this existed.

Kuroe and Miyabi are the only good thing to come out of this disaster of a manga.

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I come here to tell that I like their happy ending I wanted this this but even this happy ending was dissapointing like they rushed too much I didn't notice time skip before she opened door they just went from like one year to future or more page after it very bad for me even they should this with this same time she was metting kuroe after her long time but overlay manga is good only this fast ending has bitter taste even if is happy ending

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I re-read this and I don't know why I did. I still hate the ending and many other parts of it. Usually I think to myself "why do people go to a comment section just to say they hate something?" but this story makes me understand exactly why. I cannot keep this disdain to myself.

Kuroe/Miyabi NUMERO UNO though

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