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Leave all the stroy and plot aside, there's only one thing I need to explain:
How did the vampire see themselves in the mirror ?

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If I remember correctly, not all vampires have that trait, same as how not all vampires are allergic to garlic or whatever. It really just depends on the writer.

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Leave all the stroy and plot aside, there's only one thing I need to explain:
How did the vampire see themselves in the mirror ?

It specifically notes vampires having no reflection as fiction

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Oh yeah, I responded to the OP before actually reading all the way through.

Anyways, actual thoughts on the first chapter! Honestly without this being tagged as yuri I would've thought that this would be the typical vampire romance manga with Rin and Yuunagi. However, I'm fairly confident that this particular story won't play out like that - for one thing, Matsumoto Tomoki wrote this and I really loved Prunus Girl so I'm pretty sure this will be nice too. I'll be looking forward to how this develops.

Also, the story itself has been atypical in Yuunagi's reaction to becoming a vampire, with her nonchalance (so far, at least) and the mood's light atmosphere. Another thing I like is that even though it's a comedy, the story seems like it could easily get more serious later on, and I really do love good Dramedies. Like, it's a more light-hearted take on a vampire story without it seeming like a completely crack-ish story. Does that make sense?

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interesting... so many characters.

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I feel compelled to ask, even though I'm sure patience might give me the response I'm looking for: Yuri ? I didn't see a whole lot. Yet?

Will it become more blatant?

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Yes it will.

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Ooo I'm excited for this, good art, interesting setup.. can't wait for more!

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I already can feel the yuri between Yuu and Nana.

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There finally a another vampire serie that's Ongoing now

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I already can feel the yuri between Yuu and Nana.

Me too. There's definitely something between them.

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Based on his affinity for track suits, it is my head canon that Rin is originally from eastern Europe. I hope he squats at some point.

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Rin is funny, I'm wondering how this is yuri though. Maybe later chapters will show us

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I cant wait for the next ch....this one felt like a tease
lol I love how vampires are basically shut-in/NEETs and the natural progression -> otaku ^_^
im excited to see more vamp stuff and yuri

thanks for scantalating :)

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Saw the raws. Definitely yuri. Cant wait for more to be scanlated x3

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I can't wait for more vampire yuri! X3

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This author is pretty creative, she can make yuri even with a relevant male character without causing misurstanding

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Yuunagi is the definition of an ultimate-chillax schoolgirl protag

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Vampire + Yuri? I'm sold. Though that Rin gonna try anything he gonna wish he wasn't immortal.

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wrong place to say this and i am aware but wow rin is tasty

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It's an odd thing to say what with the vampires and all, but this feels a lot more....*normal* than Prunus Girl. Like a more typical manga setting, which I guess is in keeping with Rin being a huge manga dork.

You can really identify the art style right from the beginning though.

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Yay another vampire story :))) Soo where is the Yuri? Later on as the chapters go by?.

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This looks super interesting, can someone give the links to raws??? Please~

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So you know how they were yesterday huh... Interesting.

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I look forward to more of this one.

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