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How many more chapters of this?

Best Mangaka Rohan
joined Dec 13, 2016

This is just getting weirder.

Hoepfull we will get more info later.

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Can somebody explain? I really don't get this chapter o.o Is this a flashback or did this happen after school? Why did they meet in the first place and why is her haircolour different now?

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It's a flashback to when she first met Jun. It changes to the flashback as Tsubasa steps out of her shoes in the entranceway.

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Thank you! Now I see that the shoes changed and also her uniform. Didn't realise that before.

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Hopefully next chapter answers some questions, because it's damn hard to empathize when you don't know shit about the characters...

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It's interesting, but... it's also amazingly hard to understand.
Tsubasa used to have light hair? Was it natural... was she a delinquent... etc.
And this Jun fellow.... Getting more confusing. Interesting, but so many questions...

Nezchan Moderator
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I'm really not feeling this new chapter, really. Not only is it structured weird, but the plot got a lot more contrived than it had been.

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Agreed, this chapter sucked.

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I'm really not feeling this new chapter, really. Not only is it structured weird, but the plot got a lot more contrived than it had been.

I feel the same. The drama in this chapter felt extremely forced.

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mmm wat? something was off... how did it come to enko?

Help, I'm lost.

Edit: okay, had to reread the 3 chapters, but I got it. It was a flashback, when she ran from home because her father (or older sister) cut her hair, for whatever ludicrous reason.

Doesn't explain how she ended up with that Jun person, who scams enko customers. This kind of thing can only end badly. Watch Love & Pop if you want to know more about how it can go very wrong. Way worse than a bruise.

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Alright, I haven't felt like reading this one, now I did, it's a bit confusing but... maybe the development will be interesting.

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And I used to think that 15Y+ was fast. So you'll found ever something better in something, even when I think the bouth series need go slown down a bit x'D

schuyguy Uploader
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Well, this is certainly getting sticky. Not really syrupy though. That's fine though, these soap-opera plots are nice too.

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Can somebody explain me what the actual fuck is going one in chapter 3

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Can somebody explain me what the actual fuck is going one in chapter 3

Basically, the "prostitution" that everyone believes Tsubasa is doing is basically a scam that she picked up from Jun, in which she entices suckers with the opportunity and then runs off with the cash.

Nezchan Moderator
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I'm not clear if she's still working on the scam with Jun, or if the bit about wanting to get out of the scam is part of the flashback.

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There was like, some bits of small flashback in chapter 1, showing that Tsubasa was abused in the past, once got her hair forcefully cut. This chapter shows what happened after.
If I understood correctly, her dad caught her bringing a boy home and got pissed. She runs away from home, meets Jun, shit happens.

In the present time, whatever the truth for the prostitution question is, seems like Tsubasa felt ticked off/judged, that blondie had bs expectations of her. She means well but, by telling Tsubasa that she 'believes in her' and all, she's pretty much pulling that faith out of her ass, and telling Tsubasa what she wants to hear from her.
Hmm, I kinda get it but I don't know how to explain it lol. Because well, what if she was a prostitute? Will blondie think less of her? Is that how it ends between them, because of a rumour? Something unrelated to their actual relationship? Eh, it's a feeling that I don't know how to put into words
Anyways, I'm betting that Tsubasa lied/isn't a prostitute

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@Chapter 2: ...HAA?!

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To think the cover art for this was warm and fluffy... then it turns out to be this. It's still okay tho, this is interesting.

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I am a little confused but also can't stop reading.

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the story is getting more interesting! I wonder what we'll find out next about Tsubasa-chan, and im curious if the other girl will actually not be a coward and say/ask what she wants to her...

thanks for scantalating

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I'm falling in hate with this.

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Can somebody explain me what the actual fuck is going one in chapter 3

Totally irrelevant, but can you tell me where your profile pic is from? It looks cute

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