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joined Feb 1, 2013

So cute and I like the art... Is there anymore of Mikuni Hajime works? I'd like to read some more of his/her work.

joined Apr 15, 2013

Tons. Just type the name in the search bar up top.

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Tons. Just type the name in the search bar up top.

Thanks! :D

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Tons. Just type the name in the search bar up top.

Is that avatar from XKCD?

Sure is. This comic specifically:

joined Feb 8, 2014

Haha, omg, I wish this series was longer. I was cracking up the whole time. I hope the other works from this author are just as good because I'm about to read them all!!

joined May 1, 2014

This is definitely a good read. Though a bit short. It could've extended a bit longer. Created some more stories including the other girls as well. Just saying.
( ̄▽ ̄)

joined Dec 14, 2014

Just what you'd expect from Mikuni Hajime, although I think that the writing and dialogue is weaker than in the later serializations. At times I was a bit lost what the characters are actually trying to say, especially when Nonoka's imagination is running wild in chapter 4. The dialogue when the delusion has ended doesn't really add up with either what is said during the delusion or what has been said before. When Kanade says "But it won't. Will it?" and leaves I have no idea what she's refering to. And when Nonoka sums up their talk with "She said it can't happen because it's not a delusion", I have no idea what that means. Oh, and Kanade all of a sudden knew about Nonoka's delusions, although Nonoka seemed to never have spoken of them. But I did like that Kanade didn't catch Nonoka when she tripped and that she can't kiss her if Nonoka's doesn't love her back. That was sweet and sincere. I also would have liked a longer denouement about the main couple. The ending was rather abrupt and solely focused on a gag.

joined Oct 30, 2015

Hahaha... how cute the story is... it is the final chapter??? hmmm... I want more... more ehehe... till graduation hahaha...

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The chins... so pointy. So very pointy.
The art looks pretty nice except Nozomi. Something about the way she's drawn just looks off to me. Really doesn't get the cool beauty effect right imo.

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Kanade and Nono are the best couple in this manga/series. I ship them the most too.

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Wow wasn't expecting an update to this series.

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Niceee good to see more :D

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