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it's strange no one posts anything about this cute story,
the one-shots of Hiyori are great, but this is the best work for me,
i liked the tsundere actress character

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Tsunderes are my absolute favorite, and Otsu Hiyori is also a favorite. I'd have made a thread for everything by Hiyori, but most discussion threads seem to be focused on recently scanlated works and that would just clog the forum with Hiyori-awesomeness. Pretty much everything by Hiyori is good and worth reading.

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maybe the reason there's no major discussion thread for ABC (as of the moment) is because it's like getting the feeling of - "need I say more?" bang. otsu hiyori's stories really get through you

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Couldn't agree more about Hiyori. I keep rereading Hiyori's work without realizing who the author is ( and tbh, I never really pay attention to authors much as it is lol).

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I love all Otsu Hiyori's works :D but i super love Aqua Blue Cinema :3 i actually want more of it D:
the characters are just so cute :3

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i love this .. what a cute story .. :)

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I have lost count how many times I have read "Aqua Blue Cinema." Otsu Hiyori work never gets old, I can't think of a story by this author that I don't like. I would love to see another series by Hiyori that isn't a one shot ... though I do love Hiyori one shots as well :)

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There is a new book out by Otsu Hiyori published by Zero-Sum Comics "Let's Start Out as Friends" vol 1. There is a review of it out on with a heading reading "For those expecting only yuri, I recommend avoiding this." That should give you a hint.

I have not translated any of it yet, but it focuses on three high school girls, and also on three high school boys, one of whom seems to be the brother of one of the girls. In the first volume, two of the girls and two of the boys spend a little time together, but they don't seem to be getting close to each other. There are hints that same sex relations may develop. But even the reviewer mentioned above didn't seem to now if it was going in that direction.

Given that, I have not yet decided whether I want to work on this one. If I don't, I might still decide to scan it and post it at Yuri Project for someone else. Of course if I don't work on vol 1, odds are I won't buy vol 2 anytime soon, even once it comes out.

Edit: As far as I can tell, Otsu Hiyori has not appeared in Huri Hime since "Roundabout" in vol 26. So it's probable that this new series is the only thing being created right now. Hiyori translates the name of the series as "Let's start with a friend."

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ugh...cuteness overload!!~!

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That...that blush asdfgh]

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Man she is dangerously cute! like... Yui may be an actress and all but the cutest is Tae, no doubt !

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That credit page on 1 chapter "Shiori. Wait wrong series!" XD
Anyway.. how you were surprised that there were no topics on this manga - sometimes i don't feel like sayin' anything. Even if the manga is really good (which this is and i'm sure everyone knows that) i won't write anything 'cuz i think there's nothing more to say.
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Otsu Hiyori really is the best. Not sure where his muse comes from, but it's always great. :3
So cute. My fav is probably Maple Love, but this one rivals second.

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this is one of my favorite series out there. :) they're both so cute.

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I need more Otsu in my life! This was really refreshing to read again ♥♥♥

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I don't remember how many times I've read this, but it still gets me every time. This is amazing. I need more of Otsu Hiyori's works. This is the best one yet!

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Restraints unlocked

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I really like how the older, more mature Tae looks.

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The moment Tae-chan gets to Yuo's level of cuteness, the story is over. Ah, it was a cute read. I'd love for it to follow their lives together especially now that they've established a good look and place for both characters.

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Goddam it's been so long since I've read this.

Also that extra, really like extras like those that go a lil bit deeper into the relationship, just as much as I like flirty extras.

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I can't believe I never read this autor before, totally love this <3

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That was nice. A cute, fluffy love story, no over-the-top drama, just easy going girls love. Yay!

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I cant stop laughing whenever I see Tae-chan's name cause Tae means poop in Filipino XD

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So cute . Ilove it

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I liked this because it seemed very adaptable. I think just a few small changes and Yui x Mizuki would have really worked. Obviously, Tae was the best choice for how it played out but I think it could have been very easy to modify it and still have it make perfect sense.

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